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Propaganda - You Ain't Ready
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

I learned wisdom is stay out of grown folks biz
Its better to stay silent and let um assume you're foolish than open your mouth and prove it. Your cool don't lose it's that one cat Tunnel Rat
Hold up your hands better go up.
I aerosol a flow up and show up their for its clean up
Before I expose a blueprint, of my movement
Don't know what you meant,
You said you conscience
You out chillin' I'm feedin po' children man you ain't ready
I'm Writin' on confetti with Serengeti in my reach
Where ancient B-Boy priests reain dance to dert beats.
My soul found peace way before spun on techniques
Re-evolvin' per minute, metronome kick in it the
Pace ain't eacily kept, you can easily step into cuttin' cornas
I think it only fair to warn ya
You think your schoolin' fools you betta learn, give to earn
The servant shall inherit the Earth man you ani't ready.

If you through up, your hands in disgust
If you give up, and say it ain't worth it
If you show up, when its time for the scuffle
You ain't knuckle up
Then y'all ain't ready

I learned wisdom is lurkin' deep up in the shadows to Choose wise your battles
And strike strategically
Don't think cuz I ain't say nuttin I ain't peep that whole card
I'm calculatin' you mistaken meekness for weakness it
Take a solda man to hold a plan for this long.
I know failure make you strong that's how I keep the melody
Song tellin' me, youngin' count the cost save the lost this,
Game ain't takin' no prisoners you ain't ready
Y'all just plan don't get it we don't work for our health
Won't by no studio time we'll build it our self
10% of our wealth, goes to help community
family, always keepin' in mind the youth watch
been sayin it for years since LPG experienced
I too am West Covina reminiscent and still moss it
My gift ain't mine to give it to ya
That's what I know its beneath y'all to mop up the floor man y'all ain't ready


Verse 3
I learned wisdom is empty if it ain't applied
Spoke to God in the fetal position and listen for small voice
Left with one choice that's live moe abundant though
Troubles come in hundreds
We all got pain I'm a Christian remember being hated is normal
Matter fact you tryin' to trail blaze prepare for an armful
Of sorrows, its been a long road by his grace we made it this far
Man you ain't ready
It's harvest time rhymin' all work before was demo
You can keep your limo I love my two do'
I went from, bench warmin to causin' a mash pit
Still exit it scar less victory flawless
I'm still cleanin toilets don't trip that's a privilege
I seen the threat of pride die in me don't cry true
A simple plot, I'm fresh you not , you suck I rock, still worried about blowin up spots man you ain't ready.