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Propaganda - We (Sketchbooks)
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

I keep my notebook closer than most it refuses to boast
When the pushin get the shovin' and the lovin' is rare
It's like a nightmare out there but never mind that I'm chillin'
On the verge of blowin' out the serge with God Given word
Just buildin', bein' a man stick to my decisions
Hold to my conviction to keep up, tunnel vision
Some contemplate suicide when times get like this,
While others hold to hope and get open to cope and
I tend to lean to day dreamin' about what could have happened
If I wasn't always rappin or breakin' or gone paintin'
Or maybe, I outta, take time to reprioritize, you near family I ain't
Tryin' to cut the ties
I put down my pride for fellowship to rise
But you swear that I',m being unfair and I don't care
It's dumb in hind sight to share my woes
And expect yal to get what my notebook only Knows

throughout my whole life man Its just been we,
Sketchbook, notebook, goodbook we
Sunshine, and rainfall never mind man it's all good
Its just we

She gon' look me in my eyes like I'm supposed to understand,
The demand of takin your name would crush my frail frame
She took love in vain I thought, we would sutain fought tooth and nail
Dredd to shell toe to get it crackin
Rap, overtime to gain couple mo' scratches a month
Jump from apartment into own house and home
Leave it alone before it hurt ya were the warnin's
Every mornin' now I mourn for a love denied tears in my eyes
I thought the ring was bangin' me and Zane picked it out
It's a shame without a doubt I guess I pushed her too far and
Too fast that's the price of tunnel rat life to put the vision first same
The uncalled get washed away in the rain sometimes the strongest
Hearts be the ones that been slain.
It's foolish to think that we won't disagree but their's nothin' I can do if you don't
Believe in you


It ain't like we don't get along I'm sayin' y'all are cool
But the callin' stand above us all and y'all wood act a fool
I don't know I close my eyes and take a shot in the dark
If I said the wrong things then the gossip would start
I can tell by your words what you got in your heart
Yal is tryin to keep it real wit' no idea where to start
Find it in your soul to pray for me I'll do the same
It's best if we give a pound and go our separate ways
It's now more obvious our goals are opposites
You ever been called home by the cries of the projects
If not, I doubt that we could ever share a stage
I was raised for the war y'all is lookin for the praise
Consider me an enemy but I promise you this
Take my life and I moe die with a mic and clinched fist
Sketchbook in pocket, goodbook in heart
Face it yal and we just ain't meant to be