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Propaganda - Time and Place
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

In a basic 4-4 yal cats would probably be amazed
The amount of ways that we can variate the things we say
Though heart remain on page blood stained sustain integrity
Don't stand next to me I'm bound to bounce around your lethargy
Not to mention, need a stronga search engine to see these images
Escaped you net scape to communicate in rhyme scrimmages
Still got up in my face I'm like, David don't talk
I got that sling shot wit' 5 giants traced in chalk
Mr. heat rock rap skippa' ripp a fallacy to much to be
Held by big dippa' watch me water of life sippa
Movin in and out that snare kick where that cat get his flow
Done for them fellow warrio's at underground shows in stereo
Holy Ghost got the rhyme them, veterans is drill sergeants
Your souls My target, 360 don't you dare you dare spark it.
I'm pushin' a720 one time around just ain't enough
Third generation mic Master call my bluff

Hook: (Kuliah)
There's a time
There's a place
And there's a space
For everything, everything

I'm tryin' to write the Illest project ever bless the alphabet to date
Take um and cali quake um until God split the, Minista'
Windmill to flare nappy hair not so debonair
Spray raps up in the air so it rains my thoughts pain don't stop
Convictin' ya, sinista' mis- leadin' lie speakin'
Remember me light beacon, propaganda post heathen
I put less thought than I should in if my cloths and shoes match
At best walk if I could in hopes my flows like flu catch,
Fire, in soul froze stand still inspire,
Them cats who chose to admire them rhyme lyas
Don't accept they flya's laugh at um when in cyphas
They insight be outright outlandish can't stand it
In hind sight, y'all choose to rhyme right over lime light
Hopefully or theirs no hope for the I'm Mr. overly
I hope to give y'all poetry to change the scope of the tought
And openly explode when you time unfolds


I'm a croocked way make straighta' track rida' 50/50 rail skata'
Kick flip indi-grab, grab mic and blabb
Verse after verse quench thirst search word for the origin,
Elohim create a team of M.C.s they help mature me
I'm workin on undoin' this twisted way of thinking subduin'
This will of fleash betta yet surrenderin'
Renderin' anything that's hinderin' my ministrin' dead weight
Peep game pump break so roll gain control
Avenge time enemy stole unfold tent get cold out here
Contentment grown impatient it can't hold for many years
I'm through speakin' on fear and such just don't concern me
Immersed into the mind surgeon my soul is done searchin'
Pros at angleworkin twice like oversized pupil NAW
People NAW understand bless the son of man
Ultimaterhyme expands the influence of our family
Still got beef wit gravity, please don't get mad at me.