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Propaganda - My Life, My Music
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

Tryin' to crush 20 years of experience into a 2 track,
Convert to A-dat for them cats that do rap
Simplify, kiss the sky, rip the guy, props
Release sonic waves on local radio drops
In the midst of full sun eclipse I rain overcastin'
No shadow of doubt the family is o outlastin'
And roll of the tongue the flows fall in superior
Lakes of thought that separate it don't stop.


Verse2 (Macho)
1976 introduced to the Boston bricks/
Where they learned to use tools like stones and sticks/
Graduated to clips/
Infatuated with hips/
From Black white to Rican/
Looking for the weekend/
I'm gon take each and every individual for a ride/
The party is more than live/
The Rats are bonafied to be the top notch body rockers/
Don Luke the newest beat dropper/
Chillin with Raphi the collar popper/
New Breed and propaganda/
All my nines worldwide let me see you throw your hands up/
I see my people dancing/
I feel them cause I understand them/
I know it's hard in them urban boulevard where them suckas pull ya card and the drama never seem to cease.
That's why you gotta know love to know peace/
Me and props get them giggin in the streets/


Verse 3
I wrote it clean to go between the Christian and the secular
No rhyme compromise bet you never guessed it a
Style ambidextrous your writtin', left ya
Push play impress the, tape deck whatever
A while world endeavor that's Youth watch in full every nation every tongue
To feel the heat from the Sun we comin'
With winds of change in back pack.
A well planed formula, betta yet an orchestra.