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Propaganda - Move Wit Me
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

Keep it real if you feel throw your fist in the air
Been a long time comin' and a difficult year
If you through sheddin' tears then its time to get live
Celibate motivate boy Light up the sky
This is for them cats, who wage war on a daily,
Makin' ends meet all alone raisin' babies
Check the level on the trebble can you hear me out there
Shake the spot make it hot boy you betta beware
with a thunderous clap I touch down on your record shop wreckin shop
till you recognize. too complex for eyes
who'd expect that I raise the bar so far high it would survive me
manage to maintain it, perfect I never claimed it
dug deep for the confidence to move a continent
the voice of the oppressed now pressed on vinyl
here's yo' chance do your dance its about to get wild

hook: (Macho)
Can I get yal to move wit me
every since t.r. crew hit me
you been worderin who is he
(Propaganda) Well I'm the man propagand with the mic in my hand
Can I get you raise your hands
Tunnel rats trail blaze in you land

Ever so clear thinkin', vision aint never been so clear
Y'all tryin' to move a crowd Im tryin to move a Hemisphere
Every city every town a every nation every club
Bobb your head while you at it everybody throw a dub
While competition foucus on music coast to coast
We first to go vertical, tap into satellite.
Control a tide of thought I plug my mic into the moon
To cypha wit stars at high noon
We gain respect, yal gon' regret,
Testing the unmatched kings of the mic check
Across the universe disperse a verse that will touch,
Brain matter my main data is money in clutch time
And we aint got much time that's why when I bus rhymes
Make sure my mediphores will when you in crunch time
I fight on the front line that's me that's my callin'
Lovin the intensity and the yes yallin'


Keep your eyes on the clouds Man I'm comin on Lightin'
Kind of frightenin' when I'm writin how I use the future
To School ya, the pressure applied to backbone opposite pleasure just enough
To curvature a rula'
Microphone measure, place you in take you in,
A place of peace provided by the King of Kings,
Escape the Mundane grind of everyday
Get lost leave it at the cross Stressed Minds get tossed
Movin' to the rhythm fenna flex a rhyme or two
Right on time for you to smile as your pain go away
Now safe to say tunnel rats here to stay we don't play
Day to day watch your fame fade away
And the love comin, each and every which-a-way
Embrace what I say to display Yahweh
And all of mine reach a star on mine
Keepin' y'all in line so your light can shine