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Propaganda - Keep On Singin'
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1
I'm moe be a trend setta sit in the pocket gently
Compose a composition mixed down by Raphi henly
Life teaches best if you heed its voice if you need a choice
Then just listen to mine
I learned from old men an the stoop playin Gin
Y'all know them deacons who would sing so long
A slow church song till the next sun rise like, nothing was wrong but
You see it in their eyes
They lived a thousand lives, cryed a million deaths
Where wisdom lies that's where I go next
Skin was all wrinkled up to much sun exposure
Silver crown on their head under hat I told ya
Wait patiently, they'll reveal mystery
Cup of tea in hand and pen and pad in mine
It was school on them crates where the elders slap bones and gray hair
Presents a lesson to unfold
He said "lay hold be bold,
Don't let the heart of friends wax cold
Don't ever make a promise you'll regret when you get old
Always full sincerity cuz all man really got is his integrity
He said lay hold..

Hook (Dax Reynosa)
He told me, some day you'll understand son
I've seen it all and then some, just, keep on singin'

Verse 2
It seem like its impossible to live as a good man
Without accusations and, character assassinations and
Gotta learn to live with um
Let lies be lies, look enemies in their eyes
Put on no disguise there'll always be gray skies
He said no matter ill you write they're raps he said the
Greatest men in the word were just that
You askin my opinion, friends are like wars
You win some you lose some some were never yours
Do a thousand world tours you'll only want to home
And never bus a rap just to show off your brevity
God bless success better is longevity
Don't wish ill will on those who help you build skill
Even if you find out they're jankie and punks
God handles the juck you just live the word and trust me
Your whole life story will be heard.