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Propaganda - It's Just Life
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

An attempt to stop writtas block failed last night
As rain hit the window pane ink pen drained
Into nothingness. It gets no tougher than this
And it ran through the crew like a sick epidemic
Abnormal life struggle and its racking the brain
To tap the inner pain so the rappin' would bang
I dreamed I was a balla -low ridin' impala,
Nothin' stall the dolla influx
Make the big bucks, I know we'll make it hot I betta stop 'cus
The truth can be a ruff alarm clock.
See life don't give breaks so you just gotta choose,
To live or to sit and watch the moon play the blues.
Or take the wind blowin as a sign that's somthin's right
Worse than opposition is, never livin'
And sittin' on the side line when it go' be my time,
Then you realize all you got is now
Bend that eye brow and begin to dig deep,
I'll sacrifice sleep to reach peek, personally
Learnin' to be a lot more humble,
And god will elevate me when its time for the rumble
I picked my pen and pad man I aint through fightin'
No matter how tuff it get I just keep writing
Its just life

I was once stumbling, fumbling wonderin mind crumbling but
Holy Spirit bubblin.
I tumbled into realms labeled future tense entrnal now rock the eras
Heart was harder then cotta terras, hearts was harder than terra-cotta
But I learned to give right and personal worship sessions peaked at midnight
Then dome expanded cus a couple heads said I rip tight but do he live right
Circle of life changed to oval, cus most of man is imagined
Work the strife until it folds to gods will for my mental
Supporting time by post and lethal, follow basic principle
Like when the prasis raises, and what sowed is reaped.
Tomorrow, today to yester, birth life and death the way that god manifest the
Beat in my chest
Invest a, moment to consider sunsets and flowers how
Beautifully orchestrated from ounce to ton
Now on ancient drums, my atriums, and ventricles made of gold pumps
the red and whites of days, propelled the b-boy across the stage
Hormongers, watch out these song birds is packin' thunder
Circumnavigate the globe in minutes find its days are numbered
As beautiful as African masks my past got dismembered
And in thy orisons be my sins not remembered.

Its just life