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Propaganda - I Know
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

I'm a silent cyclone, split hous and home,
Sly Stallone Rocky 5 Mic then I'm gone
Crack my own knee caps to stand all alone
Sufferin' from blow out your speaka syndrome
Propaganda, beware like a snake when he raddle
You's a fake time waste you ain't suited for battle
I'm a black tunnel rat boy I'm chokin' emotions and
Rep the west coast til it take over the ocean

Put your eyes on panoramic view
So you can catch me cap to shoe
Cameras flash to trap the moves
But only got a glimpse a logo and a limp
A snarling fold of a lip a stry told to your kids
Does he exist? Keep guessing
A myth so big just to live I gotta eat legends
If you les you get spit
So make more hit eat right raise your weight
It's an honor knowin' I'ma bomb an all time great

Y'all can't, under estimate
No army could ever infiltrate
No man can tell me who I am and tell who I aiont
Because I know

Never a greater crew
Don't agree? Who asked you?
Keep your teeth together stay out my biz and you life may last you
I got a perfect purpose solo sorties like a pilot
Calm when droppin bombs and floodin the other islands
2 ft deep and droppin' who can stop me and props in hot rock hop scotchin'?
what? You playing or you watchin get 9 deep in line
the only champ who challenge 8 at a time

I'm a rhyme right hook upppa cut sucka punch
Respect when I bus I ain't askin' for much
I'm that pit in your gut when Grandmamma would cuss
I'mo channel it yellin' Los Angels, handle it
Blood bath smimma rippa M.c. to bits
Got the snare runnin scared betta lace up them kicks
Cus the heat come in waves
When the beat plays
And conjure up a verse for the ancient of days


I'm rap on the road for the control of the night
And offer my insight to a streetlight in a mic fight
Still betta be careful cuz it might bite
and offer my skills to road kill man that's Ill
Y'all wonderin if my pen's got venom in um
I mo sketch a chin check you gon swear that you feel um
And my voice takes over your back seat sub wolfa
Next you on the net yellin how can I book ya

Ridiculous hot glowin our takeover plot showin
Your ignorance illegal now you're knocked for not knowin'
We don't punish with rock throwin if you're cught slowin
The program you'll be marked as a foe and sure to be broken
If he door's closed im climbin thu windows
On the outside you ain't wriied who's cold you been froze
If you playin the game just knw I'm runnin your life
And if you're married to the mic know I'm touchin your wife