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Propaganda - Write Right
(from the album Out of Knowhere)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1
Still spill skill when, offered it, on and off in it, find pocket
Think outside page engage verb to nerve endin'
And pendin the release, date, not for Pete's
Sake and, your body shakin, and bone breakin'
Windmill and such, cross fader touch, groovin style,
Ain't seen you in a while.
Betta strengthen then fore arms for 90s done right
Perfect perpendicular,
No form in particular it you cant ignore it. Flawless
b-boyin' not much mo' beautiful that, break dancers that rap
Guayavetta wearin' Cappueria flaring cats.
Dred stuffed in skullcap
Gravity defying, feet towards the sky and. Curve
That backbone like old men with scoliosis
Its hopeless. Visual, poets.
Form your circle and begin to express, that unwritten text
Movin to the music, we love how you do it, God don't let us use it


Verse 2
Trust me you won't out bus me you r bys think it
Your source unreliable. I flow for the mic controllas I thought I
Told ya don't stop
Y'all count on that man I'm good for rappin and finger snappin,
Love to make it happen, quick for the captain,
Crusin and brusin, face it y'all losin'
Ain't trying to be like anotha dax and jurny bite
My writin' a little uninvitin'
Creative, thank God I made it that Kilafonia native ain't playin'
Crome under finger nails, grip mic so tight choke water out dust,
Lyric cast out lust. Still six foot plus, robust, regardless.
Ill rhyme pattern, prayer time skate around
Saturn and it ain't be matterin' I'm on some other,
Infinity trinit'' any cypher in it.
Movin' to the music, God don't let us lose it


Little man grip that black book fat cap and flare tip,
And share it, no matter when or where it.
I'm feelin' you no one more real than you,
Hand eye coordination, all over the nation,
Culture life story paintin'
Keep the ink sprayin'
And bouncin' and reppin' your town in twelve ounces.
An Aerosol, blanket. Swear I saw hangin' upside down
Danglin from the clouds with a mandate to make the land great
All abandoned buildings, there to make your skill tight and when
It feel right show ya boys, enemy crew destroyed.
God commanded them, love the art and not vandalism
Project evangelism,
Yeah, all the way to Rock a way, let the hold world see what you thinkin'
Cuz out the heart the can speakin', exactly the reason
Of Propaganda, every people every land a, voice of, reason,
every time and season, feel the Ghetto breathin'
Movin' to the music God don't let us lose it