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Playdough - You Will Listen
(from the album Lonely Superstar)
© copyright 2002

Lend me your eardrum strumming to the microphone hum
It's harry krum responsible for rocking yall on a drum
My introduct instructin minds to transcend
And elevate into a relic angelically bend
Harmonious when I bust my ill ink spill
So dianetic is phonetic composition refill
I put vanilla abstract to a track we link
With living water from divine holy wine we drink
Inside the verbal tea with surgery the record will cut
I got a palace on the humble with a Bombay hut
My words attractin fact in spiritual gift
That everyone is drawn while we rocking on and lift
The name of Jah.......follow my pen
Along the Word that occurred on top of Mt Zion
I travel on thru the Babylon places we came
Where Pharisees will take your life if you ain't sounding the same
And ill tracks that's created for this is pure bliss
Our culture keeps inviting, writing wack guest lists
Steady complain writing all of the same for situations
But Actions taking backspins thru revelations
So I'm doing it, now my voice you can head
The Holy Ghost will intercede while my vocal could lead
Throughout the gift of a soul in the unborn man
That's living for now, instead of spiritually making his plan cuz
Heaven and earth all pass they won't last
In comparison to the world spun so fast
I outlast every weak competition in my marathon
Hand me baton word is bond no comparison
My freestyle's on..
(playdough freestyle)...........

we lift up Jehovah Jireh
provide the one, two and bless the one, two