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Pigeon John - Identity Crisis
(from the album Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister)
© copyright 2003, Basement Records

This is for the girls that used to diss me
Now they all just wanna diss me

It's an identity crisis (repeat 2X)
I do not know what to do
Grow dreads or sport a bald head
I don't know
It's an identity crisis (repeat 2X)
I do not know what to do
Wear Nikes or be Dick Van Dike
I don't know

I was walking down the street
To a funky beat
Feeling real nice
Feeling real neat
Had a little money so I had something to eat
Sitting alone so I kicked up my feet
And what do you know another freakazoid
Had a little confidence and didn't feel void
Stood up slow to dust myself off
Not too hard, not too soft
She was shopping at Miller's Outpost dude
She looked 14, I was that plus two
I was kinda dusty cause I just finished skatin'
Went over to her and she started hesitatin'
I tried to ignore it, then I kicked my game
And ever since then I never been the same
She looked me up and down to check my stilo
Before I said "hello", she said she had to go
I said "Can I come?" Started kicking my drag
She paused for a minute, listened to what I had
I said, "Can we talk over the phone or something,
Instead of in the mall, be all alone or something"
She said "No thanks, it just don't feel right,
Cause you walk black and act white"
And as she walked away
I could hear the ricochet
And it's effect on my whole dang life


So I grew out my hair, switched up my clothes
Down with LA Symph and I rocked some shows
Dancing and acting a fool and stuff
But in the back of their mind is it all a bluff
Am I doin' all of this just to cover it up
All of my insecurities is hovering up
Either I gotta act silly or I gotta act tough
Either I think I'm the best or I'm bout to get cut
Do I rock hip hop or do I wear some slacks?
Look like your homeboy or look like your dad?
Should I sing a little more or should I stick to rap?
And if I sing a little too much will they think it's black
Or just a little too white to fit a Harlem night
They wanna put a handcuff on the things that I write
Now it's a fight just to write a freakin' normal song
Either it's too long or just wrong


This is for the girls that used to diss me
Now all you wanna do is......?