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Pigeon John - Deception
(from the album Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister)
© copyright 2003, Basement Records

Lord, I won't do this song
This is a fight with myself
I wanna gain much wealth
I wanna live by myself.
But Im surrounded by...
I'll keep that to myself
Im so stupid

Well hello my little friends and look at them run
I'm still at home with no ends and look at them run
Hopping in a tricked out Benz and look at them run
While I'm clocking in as a temp boy look at them run
It is too late now to affect the whole world, or is it just dated now?
They could care less who invaded now.
Really am I silly with the dreams of the milli'?
Top billing with a big fat record deal-ly
First I buy a house way up on the hill-ly
Then I get a girly dressed like Mr. Furley
Met her in Nashville or was it Philly?
Her hair so curly and look at me burly
But my dream deferred, I felt the same words that Langston heard
I watched them pass and it seemed absurd.
A decade of dreaming and it seeming that they
Just run away with my verbs.
And its:

Deception. Look at them dancing in the field goal
Deception. I look at me and Im getting old.
Deception. How many records have I really sold?
Deception. Whoops I did it again boy. (2X)

Ten years ago I woke up with a dream in my hand
Ran for a couple of yards, but tripped and fell to my hands
And then got up because the Lord Almighty told me He can
Ran for a couple of more, and tripped and fumbled again
And people asking what you getting up for go get a job
but I gotta carry out this dream or my life I rob
And when Im gonna work for 45 years up in the mall
And when I'm old and gray wondering where's my calling?
And I'd rather die now than never wonder how.
Never ever try now coulda' woulda' shoulda' will be
All I sigh how can I live a mediocre
Life and not ever ask You why.
Are we hear specifically not mundane
But a gifted people.
We must shine and it must be equal.
Live your life cause there is no sequel.
Oh it's a reception


Hey, Hey, wait I'm called to do something.
I don't know exactly what it is but I'm hunting.
Getting lost in this record biz and I'm fumbling.
Oops I did it again boy.