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Pigeon John - Emily
(from the album Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister)
© copyright 2003, Basement Records

I met you at the age of 21
Looking so fine like a young ripe plum
I was the gardener you were the nun
I was Maverick you were the girl in Top Gun
I pursued you with young freshmen eyes
Stomach too small for what the eyes realized
Thought I could handle it I took you by the hand
I asked you to marry me I knelt on the sand
You said yes never a second guess
Wait a few years to have babies was the plan
Made my dreams hold got an 8 to 4
Working as a stock clerk at Nabisco
But I loved you I put you first above all
Raised you high so that you would never fall
We got more close sexually daily
Slipped up and got you pregnant with a baby
Upset your parents, didn't tell mine
I told you it would be ok in time

I looked in your eyes pretend to grin
Said that I love you and you're my best friend
Told you to trust me until the end
'Til death do us part that was the start
But I'm leaving (I told you I would never lie)
I'm sorry but I'm leaving (and that I'm not like other guys)
I'm sorry my dear

I had to have a meeting with your dad
I was very nervous he was very sad
You were going jogging I was wearing plaid
I knew what I did and I knew what I had
It was your attention I had time to stall
I told him that I'd get a second job at the mall
He said ok but filled with disbelief
I said goodbye filled with relief
Cause I knew I didn't want to
Knew I didn't plan this
Knew I had to give up all my goals just to stand this
And that really sucked
I was so young all I really wanted was to rap and have fun
Now I had to work then I really thought about it
Did I really have to or would he have fought about it
I thought I had to do for myself
It was my life it belonged to no one else
So I planned to leave a thief in the night
Disappear with a trace left a note that felt like


Four years passed I still spinning my wheels
Still making demos looking for a record deal
You found my address
Bumped into my friend
Sent me a letter told me silence had to end
You had a daughter named her Emily
And every time she looked at you it felt like me
She was asking questions, "Where is my dad?"
And "What did he do mommy to make you so mad?"
You said I have to come and finally meet my girl
I said that I would if only I could
Showed up at the door it was answered by her
I knew by her eyes that I was her father
I knelt to your level, said "Who are you?"
You said "Emily", I said "How cute"
I walked you in holding your hand
You showed me your bedroom
I took a slow pan
You said, "Daddy, where have you been?
I hope you never ever have to leave again"