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Pigeon John - Crazy
(from the album Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister)
© copyright 2003, Basement Records


Starbucks is in the house and
Barnes and Noble is in the house and
AMC you in the house and
3rd Street, you in the house and
Luna Sol Cafe is in the house and
Walmart is in the house and
Taco Bell is in the house

aaaaali!!! I used to wake up early for work
6 am on the Metro without a perk
Had to open the bookstore and press my shirt
Cause I had to pay the rent or I was out on dirt
My drawer was comin' up short
They thought I was stealin"
Had to fill a report
I said, "My God! I ain't goin' through this"
Walked home with an attitude to handled my business


Life can drive you crazy
Opticals are hazy
All I wanna do is be lazy
But I gotta get up and graze the field (2X)

Oh my wife be comin' on home
Talkin' about her day and I try not to roam
See all I wanna do is make a beat
And the only interruption's when it's time to eat
I know that it is rude
But a man's got a short attention span, it's true
(Right? Yeah!)
See all my ni***s know
G's up Ho.... (John!)
I'm just playing, I'm just playing come on!



Donnie, Donnie on the keyboards
Ladies, Fellas, put your hands up
Donnie, thank you
See, I know that it's hard
But we have to ???????

Everybody just shout, come on let it out (4X)