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Pigeon John - Orange County
(from the album Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister)
© copyright 2003, Basement Records


I think that i'm falling slowly and i don't wanna get up
I kinda like it down here all I can do is look up
When noone's looking i can do exactly what I want
I'm going to Orange County I'm going to Orange County

Heh it's kinda risky
When me and friends start drinking whiskey
Now we spinning and grinning and feeling frisky
Throwing bottles out the window like a frisbee
Outside yelling at the stars tipsy
Trying to find God screaming where is he?
Friends grabbing on my sleeves trying to save me
Covering my mouth and thought that He gave me
And now we sipping the room taking shots like medicine
Calming the storms up in the head again
Way ahead of excedrine slipping feeling words
Spill out the mouth until we freaking hit the bed again
And I used to to youth group that what I thinking
In the corner with my head down sobbing the truth
I got my n***s in the kitchen drinking around the stove
Laughing loud and hugging and the 'bout to explode


That's when i stand crooked start cussing at my friends
Swinging my fist take another shot of Hen
Everything seems right everything seems frantic
Everything gleams slow motion like trantic
Take another sip piss on the carpet
All I hear is fuzz all i feel is buzz
All I need is Love all i need is hope
Hanging on the walls and i'm trying not to float
Trying not to choke up swallowing my throw up
Watching CKY with my homeys tore up
Get a call from my girl and i'm trying to explain
That my love in the end only succumes to pain
Then I hang up in mid thought and i feel caught
In the middle of a hurricane spinning in a loft
Then i start pop locking blowing out my snot
In the bathroom crying and can't stop lying


Oh God why does it have to be this way
Never again I promise never this much make it stop ok
Make it stop Dude please I'll do whatever you say
But let me finish off my Alize