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Pigeon John - Sam the Goat
(from the album Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister)
© copyright 2003, Basement Records

There once was a goat by the name of Sam
Sam ate grass stayed away from ham
An old little goat with a lot of regrets
Sam didn't fit in with the rest of the pets
He did his own thing let his hair grow long
Went into the mountains to write some songs
Down from the hill he began to tread
And all the younger goats, they began to dread
"Awe here comes Sam the Goat, the one and only master"
Quote unquote
Sam made friends that put on shows
Made money from the rich and wore fancy clothes
They set up an event Thursday afternoon
The whole town came to hear Sam's new tune
The old goat clicked onto the stage
Sung one song and the crowd was amazed


The goat, come on, goat, come on
Goat, come on, goat, everybody! (2x)

Sam made riches Sam made girls
Touched four points of the globe in one twirl
Custom made goat suits and Prada boots
Let everybody know that the goat had loot
Now Sam kinda like the way this made him feel
Sam got prideful Sam got ill
Started doin' coke in the back of the bus
Drinking white russians out of plastic cups
Smacking his manager spitting on fans
Made the headlines without a marketing plan
Four star hotels five star cds
Dinner in London goats on four knees
Sam the old goat was on top of the world
And all the younger ones wanted to steal his pearls
Private goat jets daily death threats
Sam didn't fit in with the rest of the pets


Soon the old goat felt all alone
And his list of regrets turned into a tall poem: the goat