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LA Symphony - Grand Piano
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

Dope rapping and hand clapping in subzero weather
L.A. Symphony, we here to stay, say forever
Tougher then leather, birds of feather flocked together
Skills go unmeasured, held by boundaries never
Twenty third letter representers five strong, rocking on
Heart, mind, body, and soul poured in every song
Raise an arm, slap the sky, bob your head, enjoy the ride
Never half stepping, we take extra long strides
Spread 'em wide, peep the wing span, fly as a bird
Aerosol can paint the land, mark my word
If you ain't seen, you've heard legends in the making
Shattering sound barriers and earth shaking
This the braking point beyond the next level of rhyme flowing
Style biting, tap dancing, and show boating
We got you open wide, set your eyes on welcoming arms
Wake up from dreaming, if you think we're fading, ring the alarm

(Love you) To make our website your homepage
And rock with L.A. Symph until your old age
No way, our sound and style wonít get played
We the Sting and Rolling Stones of this day
We wonít go away

I use God-inspired words that Jesus wrote to create
My calling greater than the Asian race
Protected more than Asian plates
Passed from generations I speak life to nations
Through sound waves and vibrations and ainít never on vacation
Concentration is the game when repping in the name
Weíve been slain and set aflame yet we still reign supreme
Kings of quotables, more notable than Ali
Watch me sting the butterfly as I float to victory
Carbon copies imitate, but seal their fate cause their fake
Joey the great wonít stay awake, I sleep on foes that I hate
Yes Iím a hater, down with dudes who donít write well
The Symphony will prevail and live on to tell the tale
Of how half-truths and dumb youth dupes the mighty squad
But they came back, reclaimed rap, ooh they mighty hard
You heard the rest, now youíll hear the best of them
L.A. Symphony, the most distinguished of the gentlemen


(Love you) The new fab five in this piece
Release the evolution of speech over beats
We reach the earth, wind and fire when we play
The Commodores and Temptations of this day
We wonít go away

I use slang words and beats to express these mighty works
On display for mankind, in time I'll reap the perks
I become all things to man when I use my right hand
Put the pen to the pad then I follow God's plan
By design, the architect of the divine blueprint
Graphic artist for the world to see without having to squint
I'm an open book, the pages describe my everyday
Make believers out of skeptics every time the music plays
Modern day urban poets with talents beyond compare
Try and stop the mighty Symphony you havenít got a prayer
Soul heirs of the kingdom, the riches are for the just
We walk the straight and narrow and never have to adjust
Innovators of the time, we're legends like Coltrane
Never selling out so you can keep the platinum chains
We maintain integrity in a world of tall tales
So when it's said and done, we're the ones who prevail