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Redeemed Thought - Keep It Simple
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
Let me keep it simple, even a righteous man is expendable/
When the life of oneself is the price or expense/
So when Christ gave His, for a bunch unsaved heathens/
Yet in their sins it shows a love you can't even/
Imagine, as I say it, it's hard to fathom/
He gave His life for me when I was busy swinging at Him/
But now I'm no longer dead in Adam/
Because by grace I've attained the saving faith of father Abraham/
Madam, Cleo don't know, but it ain't by the Tarot/
The path to heaven is too narrow/
For rude boys who think that it's time to go work/
Nah jerk, trust the Lord who created heaven and earth/
Thatís the faith that justifies which means/
That I've been seen by the Most High as clean/
Though I'm just an unclean thing underneath His blood/
Like a bag of filthy rags in the mud/
But that's the love that covers up all sins like/
Proverbs verse twelve in chapter number ten like/
The snow that covers up the earth in December/
Hiding the dirt until the end of the winter/
Remember this: don't look at life as do's and don'ts/
'Cause a lot of cats will try to work their debts off but won't/
Instead put your faith in the man that was dead but now lives/
Interceding on behalf of His kids.

(Keep it Simple) Yo this ain't no works based faith/
All you have to do is believe to be one of the saints/
(Keep it Simple) Punching in your missionary hours on time card/
To get to heaven yo it ain't that hard/
(Keep it Simple) Salvation come by grace, through faith/
Not a skinny waist or a pretty face/
(Keep it Simple) Even the flyest cat ain't getting in/
If he doesn't know the Lord who was crucified for him.

Verse 2: MUZE-ONE
Yo, I keep it simple like true or false tests, been blessed/
With the answers from the author he provides in his text/
I confess I've been blessed in excess, due to my access/
Which I have thru Jesus made possible by his death/
I'd be dumb for me to think that I could work off my debt/
And forget the sacrifice by which the Lamb of God bled/
And shed the blood that Oxy-Cleaned by soul from stain with sin pen/
Gave me justification by faith, react to his grace/
Face it kid, most churches pushing works in the face/
Of new believers, non receivers drown out grace like loud speakers/
But believe us when we tell you life is a gift/
And ain't nothing you can do to deserve it and/
All you do is submit it to his hand/
And trust that he will fill it with his plans/
Then stand firm on rock, avoid quick sand/
And living water will flow through you like broadband/
Connection, sin infection is replaced with information/
And a knowledge of your savior that ain't learned at any college/
Even scholars get baffled by simplicity of G.O.D/
And how it be the fullness of his trinity is sitting in me/
I keep it simple like rubix cubes to nerdy dudes/
With bit IQ's who love school/
But salvation's simple, all you do is accept it/
It only gets complex when you choose to reject it.

Hook: (Keep it Simple) Yo, it's just this easy/
Believe in Christ and give Him your life, heaven is yours for sheezy/
(Keep it Simple) turn from the things you use to do/
And turn to the one who gave up His life to save you/
(Keep it Simple) like a private club without a fee you can't pay your way in/
You need connections, see what I'm saying/
(Keep it Simple) the price has already been paid/
And the initiation of the connection has been made.

Verse 3: Mac
Some think this is complicated, not so/
You donít need a mind like EinsteinÖa child can understand the gospel/
You thought it was rocket science? Nah! Just keep it simple/
Get born again, the LORD comes in, and you can be His temple/
Redemption doesnít come from rituals/
Flirting with God and not knowing the person of God and still think youíre spiritual/
ďBut Iím a morally good person. I gotta be alright.Ē/
ďBut even your best is filthy rags in Godís sight.Ē/
Hereís the truth. Itís bad news, weíre all bad dudes/
Plus, check the trouble weíre in, what we get because of our sin/
But thereís a solution. Found in Christ the substitution/
Through God giving His only begotten, His love was proven/
We are all long shots who wronged God/
But He saved us, gave us life eternal, so literally, it donít stop/
It wonít stop! Check it, it goes on and on and on and on, you get the pointÖit donít stop!/
Actually, what we believe, you donít have to believe/
As long as you like massive heat, and the agony of gnashing of teeth/
Because of what happened to me, I avoided that/
God put His spirit inside of me where the void was at/
Let me explain, there was an exchange/
Christ gave up His life and swapped my sin for His righteousness, itís that plain/
Jesus paid for men to be saved from sin/
If thatís not simple enough, start the song over and let it play again.

(Keep it Simple) Try to see it like this/
Without Christ, none will ever be seen as righteous/
(Keep it Simple) But through His death and resurrection/
Righteousness is intravenously injected/
(Keep it Simple) but only when you believe/
Agree with God that you're a sinner and He's what you need/
(Keep it Simple) I beg you on Christ behalf/ to be reconciled to God and flee sin's aftermath