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Redeemed Thought - So Much to Say
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: MUZE-ONE
I got so much to say with so little time/
A riddle of lines sit in the middle of this pitiful mind/
You can change the world with a rhyme/
If giving divine shine to hardened and darkened hearts, restoring the blind/
Whose sight is confined to a lightless shrine, they might just find/
Their life in a bind on a steady decline/
Ready to grind, spending their time seeking after another dime/
Then wind up in hell at the head of the line/
A life is defined by knifes and nines, fights and crimes/
Pipes and dime pieces, ice and lies/
I might just cry, my nation is taking their time/
Faking relations with Christ, hating the light, stay in the night/
Press play and rewind, every day is the same/
Playing the game, rejecting the name and not accepting his ways/
I'll put up a fight for righteousness sake/
Sever the fake from those who await to bathe in his wake and greatly awake/
Sever the ties, heaven will rise the day that I die/
The pilgrims prize possession awaits on the other side/
Repent and depart this worlds darkness/
but like I said from the start I guess I'm just expressing my heart.

Just let your mind go, and let the rhymes flow/
and let your heart speak, then let your soul seek/
Just let the beat ride, maybe you'll see why/
I got so much to say, and not enough time

Verse 2: MUZE-ONE
Like a traveling man taking his stand in dangerous lands/
I'm taking this plan to caravan across the desert sand/
Holding his hand, he's molding this man to a solider who can/
A vessel jam packed with manna for my foes and my fam/
Like Frodo and Sam, I co-labor with my savior/
I'm chosen to stand in the holes of the hand of who's know as 'I AM'/
He's taking my place so I could awake into grace/
The greatest of gifts making me his sweetest embrace/
Yet the majority living idle lives, living to idolize/
Blinded by their idol's eyes, devising their demise/
With improvised sinning since the beginning/
Living in filthy linens trying to get in where they fit it, YO/
It's ridiculous how sickening this planet is/
Wickedness is rampant where Satan is champion/
This hatred is strong but my maker is God, shaking his rod/
At wolves perpetrating a fraud, infiltrating his flock/
Men sin black ink when lights out/
But my savior died and bled blood red white out/
WE sin black ink when lights out/
But JESUS died and bled blood red white out.