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Redeemed Thought - In Still Motion
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: MUZE-ONE
Man's been backwards since back in Eden, Adam and Eve/
Believed evil and evil genetically passed to me/
Dastardly deed breaded bastard seeds/
Man has to be freed from the casket's greed/
So we pass the remedy to cats at enmity/
Who lack divinity, on track as enemies/
Passion and energy, bend backs to intercede/
Had tracks to sinners till seed sack is empty/
There’s one God who's calling these 2 cats to follow/
And brew tracks for colonies who dwell in sorrows/
We’ll be back tomorrow if God gives us another day/
My breath is borrowed on loan from the Son/
Raised up from the earth, his word cursed the curse/
But men bless this curse, sin infected dirt/
We must go to work, the harvest is now/
We stay In Still Motion, yoked with Christ to Plow.