Show Lyrics

Sivion - Spring Show
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Itís the Spring Show
The time is now, everybody get free, Iíma show you how
So let the Breeze Blow
We can work it out, live love cuz thatís really what this life is about
And the Trees Grow
Cuz the seeds we sow make a difference in the lives of the people we know
And Watch this Emcee Glow
Cuz Iíma rock for shoí, shine this light full of grace while I chase the globe
Cuz Everybody Knows
You got it deep in your soul; we all search to find truth cuz we need it to grow
Thereís only one way to go
Godís will is the goal, His Son died innocent cuz we reap what we sow
So stay up on your toes
Sometimes we might fall down but canít quit, gotta get up, gotta settle it now
And keep your eyes to the road
Donít waste time looking around, the here and now is where God will be found
Donít get distracted by the dough
Yeah that money donít glow, canít save you from a life full of highs and lows
Or all the money that you owe
Cuz debt is the code, this world thrive off the interest from the money we owe
Cuz even though youíre broke
Youíre not the only one, although lifeís not easy on this lonely run
Or have reasons to lay low
You can hide from none; just keep your eyes on the rise of the guiding Son
You gotta just say no
Canít fall in the fold, be unique, do it different, donít follow the mold
Ainít gonna take it anymore
Cuz this life is cold, but donít mean you gotta lay down and take it though
Life has meaning and Iím sure
Grab on and take hold, just know your lifeís worth more than silver and gold
Thereís many great things in store
And Iíma claim Ďem for shoí and live this life full of faith while I chase the globe
Itís the Spring ShowÖ