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Sivion - All My People
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Things look good when I step in the place
Hear some dope instrumentals just about to be laced
By some local emcees thirsty for a taste of that spotlight
Rock mics and hold the space
Occupied by the illest emcees to try
To move the crowds like Dove and Plug Wonder Why
Cuz I keep this tongue native when Iím touching the sky
And Iím fly everyday like family stoning with Sly
Too many people in this rap think itís do or die
I keep it light with a chuckle then proceed to sigh
Sometimes when itís bad, I might even cry
Not afraid to show emotions or at least I try
To keep it real, no facades, got that look in your eye
Like Iím a super rap star steady passing you by
But I came for one thing, to catch this groove tonight
While youíre standing over there, trying to prove youíre shy

So all my people in the back, know youíre feeling this track, so just
Move with it, groove with it
And all my people in the front, yeah yaíll know what you want, so just
Move with it, groove with it
And all my people on the left, I see yaíll keeping it fresh, yaíll just
Move with it, groove with it
And all my people on the right steady shining that light, yaíll just
Move with it, groove with it

Just lose yourself in it, donít be a cynic
Life is too short to be a critic
If thatís your attitude then forget it
I donít mess around cuz this sounds exquisite
You can frown cuz I get it, been down for a minute
Iíma hit it round town, wear this crown while Iím in it
Clown if you feel it, get down if you hear it
Love the Son of God, give a pound for the spirit
Guilty cuz I did it, spirit-filled life is what Iím living
Second chance to help in this fight is what Iím given
Iíma rock it loud for the crowd when Iím ripping
Cuz lies will make you think you stand proud when youíre slipping
God wrote the script and Iím setting it free
Donít agree with this plea, thanks for letting me be
Cuz Iíma hold it down and put some glue with it
Stick you to this sound so you can move