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Sivion - The Fall
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Just another day in the life of the S.I.V.
Keep my face to the fight cuz yeah, yaíll know me
Never phony when I walk this world so lonely
But when I need my crew, for sure Deepspace hold me
Always keep my eyes open cuz thereís more to see
Than all the people wearing blinders making more than me
Got me driving 50 miles in my S.U.V.
Everyday to make a paycheck for my family
But thatís cool, Iím no fool and I possess the tools
For success in the stress without bending the rules
I went to school down in Florida, beaches and pools
But didnít graduate from college, though my knowledge is full
And complete, beat the concrete, paving the streets
For a job or a career in an industry
Thatís unique in a field that agrees with me
But I fail to find anyone that believes in me

Come one, come all, whether youíre short or tall
Step right up, donít stall
Cuz whether youíre right or wrong, or your fight is gone
You gotta get back up when you fall

Flat on my back, alas, vitals intact
Havenít registered what happened or how to react
Should I try to stand up or should I sit back
And ponder the real truth to understand this fact
Cuz all I know is that I feel pain where my heart is at
The pain is mental, not cardiac, but still I rack
My brain to maintain and I struggle and strain
To figure thangs and the reason why I came up lame
No one is to blame but self when Iím freezing the frames
Of the events that occurred just to rid me of fame
Only the name of the Most High cleanse me of shame
And Iíll praise Him everyday if itís all the same
So I get back on my horse and hit the streets again
No longer worry about fronting for approval of men
With my eyes on the Most High, keep His spirit within
Let him orchestrate my journey wrapped in folds of ten


Last call, cuz we all just be playing the walling
And act like nothings going on underlining it all
But it takes energy and motion if weíre moving a ball
And sometimes we try to stand up, though weíre learning to crawl
Cuz thatís the short and the small of it, take fruit from all of it
Life in abundance, simple living, keep it moderate
Thatís the big and tall of it, make sure youíre all in it
And give up your big britches theories on dominance
Itís all providence that keeps me alive
And justifies affiliation with Deepspace5
Iím gonna love my nine brothers till the day I die
For helping me push through when I struggle and strive
Cause survival is the key when circumstance is running it
Dumbing it down, having trouble finding fun in it
The more youíre blessed the more often youíre on the hunting list
The heavens are open, Jehovah reign down some Son on it