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Sivion - Going Through It
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

We’re going through it, the hard times, good times, bad times
We’re going through it, the long days, good days, hard days

Ever since the year of the one nine seventy two
Born with initials of G.W.
Not one but two, so we’re double new
Got a twin so we share what we’re going through
In this world full of strife while we’re paying dues
All these forces out here make sure you lose
But the Lord I choose not gonna snooze… I’m getting up
Stay on the move, nothing to prove, not letting up
No never gonna let go, holding on to this old gold like some retro
Try to hold me back all you get it a heck no
Let go, Lord fuel my soul like some petro
Bet your cash can’t do it like my Father God can
See beyond the surface like a modern art fan
He’s trying to pull you out of your lonely hearts band
Cuz when you’re going through it, ya’ll, it’s hard to understand


So many obstacles stand in my way
Sit down or get knocked down
Those are your options, I can’t be afraid
Walk out or get knocked out
The hot sound gets played on the radio
Hot girls do their dance in the video
I try to hold my ground as an individual
And not get boxed in by the stereo-types
Late night at the studio
Lacing tracks is a daily scenario
Perfecting the craft with few checks to cash
Pay all my bills and get less than half
I’m not intimidated by the industry
I do this for myself, the fans, and the family
God is more than enough
No matter what troubles may come