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Sivion - Let Go
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Everybody in the place to be
Put your lighters in the air and let the blaze be seen
Be ever certain that your flame is clean
Because impurities defame the scene
Never know whos just out to blow steam
Tough circumstance put you en route to blow C.R.E.A.M.
Like spending money is good therapy
Because youre scaring me the way you stare at We
Standing there looking at me like I owe you
So you couldnt wave your hands and let the glow through
Im about to show you what happens when Christ commits to know you
Cuz even on the low, you
Gotta put em up, buddy, tell me whats up, cut the junk
Ohmega Watts funk
You can dive headfirst if you want
Make your groove like Thelonious Monk til your body flesh done
Everybody just move on the one, we out to have fun
Spirit light shine bright like the Sun
Man, I know its difficult to run when youre heart ways a ton
And your soul feel heat like a Gun
But maybe that guns set for stunning
Mug shot fit the description of Done In
Open up your heart, let go, and let the love in
Open up youre heart, let go, and let the love in, love in, love in

What you gonna say, what you gonna do
When the truth is revealed and its sealed in the proof
What you gonna say, what you gonna do
When the light shines brighter than you wanted it to
What you gonna say, what you gonna do
Let go, let go, let go
What you gonna say, what you gonna do
Sivion and Othello bring it straight to you

Heyits what you do with it right now, loose with a tight style, boost you in flight now
Choose to ignite now, lights out, defy how gravity can take its take its toll on you over the
Coldest of nights, life exists when its fair in height
The feel good degree level where the feelings right
Beats, rhymes, and life fight over whos priority
When all three interlock its tough to top rocking for more than cheese
For the down and out, disgruntled, and disorderlies
Pour for me your heart out and well pray God sets your soul at ease
Im so relieved at seeing feeding of the flocks seeds in fields and pots
Deeds reveal a lot Im seeking freedom, not
More harm that causes more bondage when the needle drops
Grab the mic and spit sweat dripping, give it all we got
Flip the switch and enter in and see its different than you thought
Mind control tries to hold on tight
Lies get told; I suppose I like the Light!
Better to see in, better believe it Im believing, weeding through all the deceiving like odds and evens
And Im not even close to perfect
Trying to pursue God with trust and worship
Dirty and afflicted servant needing nursing
Working for the person urgently searching for certain

From the ground up, mound up, sound the alarm, were here to construct with the ability to last long
Tag team towering your town, shredding all to the rhythm yall, Sivion, Othello, were building on
Top of what weve got already, t t ta rock it steady, c c c constantly offering yall the remedy
Implementing the past with the present to create a museum of feeling based around faith, relate where you can
Take the rest and try to understand, here to affect your life in spite of where youve been
Over and under, through and out, forward and back again, from PDX to Dallas, this place is passionate