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Sivion - Thirst Quencher (Hidden Track)
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

(Pray, give me a little water to drink for I am thirsty)

Walking on this earth, flesh stays in felony space
Ready for grace, ready to face this life Hell and erase
This bad taste, wonít see me waste time in petty debates
For the Son of God lift me up, itís like I fell on my face
Refuse to sit back, complain, and let my penny? disgrace
Lacking record sales cuz I wonít spit it like Fifty and Mase
Who keep it locked the girls shock cuz they got plenty of base
Iím Sivion, so bring it on cuz I got plenty of grace
So you can find me iceberg cuz I chill and behave
Not one of these new ice nerds, I keep it real in these caves
Yaíll paper sack on these tracks like itís your will to be slaves
That type of logicís nonsense like popping pills at these raves
This associate with chafe, Christ keeping me safe
This beat laid by Taro, but yaíll, Iím speaking with Dave
I keep the faith, yaíll, my aches speak this meekness he gave
In every case take this grace Ďtil Iím leaving this place

(Thirsty, their souls faint within)
(Give me a little water to drink for I am thirsty)

Right now you can see just how itís cool to be foul
You say youíre mad, check this lesson cuz Iím schooling these cows
You cried wolf like a sheep clothed in wool and we found
Youíre incomplete, not unique like Jesus ruling these crowns
Thatís cool, play the fool and maybe you can beat this exit
Use your own tools, complete the task, then you can heed this lesson
Figure it all out, no beef with God, so thereís no need to bless it
Just grab your little bag of peas and get ready for the next hit
Thatís cool, play the fool cuz maybe you can change this game up
Still floss but with a different way to throw your panky rangs up
You know you and me werenít all that different before we came up
But we both made a different decision when approached with this fame lust

(Get on this porch? with us)
(Night and day shall not be quenched)

Yo, if sin quenches your thirst then thereís no need to beg for water
Blinded by your own ignorance like some sheep led out to slaughter
If only the truth could set you free why should I bother (why should I bother)
Why you speak death on tracks, I got to look out for my daughter
Little angel wrapped special, gift of God is what I call her
And my son, little one, I hope he grows up to be taller
And turns away from this carnal earth to be a baler
Iíll share these words because the seeds come from a father
Concerned that the flames of this track only will get hotter
Iíll teach then faith to let go and cast their cares upon the altar
And become strength in Christ just so that their faith will not falter

(My soul thirsts)
(My soul thirsts for God)
(For the living God)