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Sivion - Caterpillar Dream
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Yeah, itís just me
Out here doing my thing, trying hard to let it be
Yearning for the freedom in this future I see
A pair of wings help me journey to the top of these trees
But for now Iím on the ground getting down with these fleas
Trying to help these ants fight the grasshoppers and bees
We know mosquitoes be spreading disease
Breathe slow cuz these folks be making you sneeze
Please, Iím trying to embrace the fall breeze
Flirt with these blades of grass to help me ease
My mind, check for signs and wait for my time
Miss my date for change, that would surely be a crime
Stay on the grind, I do the wave when I climb
Head full of faith, I was made for the divine
Try to keep my priorities in line
Cuz when Iím finished with it, youíll see this inch-worm shine

Youíre just a caterpillar dream
Iím doing butterfly things
Iím just trying to get some wings
You can find me doing butterfly things
Itís just a butterfly thing
Iím just trying to get some wings
Itís just a butterfly thing
Things ainít always what they seem
Itís just a butterfly thing
Iím just trying to get some wings
Itís just a butterfly thing
Man, I canít wait for the spring

Yeah, cuz Iím trying to keep it clean
Even though life ainít always what it seems
In the winter time still find sun beams
Melting the snow cuz the coldís still seasonal
Got some lofty goals, still feasible
Trying to touch this world but still regional
Need a cocoon to get these wings you know
In this situation gotta leave to grow
Say goodbye to this life as I know it
Put my faith in action, step out so I can show it
God will complete this transformation, why blow it
When Heís done, everyone will know that I glow with
The brilliance of the Most High in every single color
Embroidered on my wings, unique like no other
Skip through the sky like a sunshine stutter
Pulling all my earth-bound brothers out the gutter