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Sivion - Songbird Saturday
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Yo, wake up early cuz itís Saturday
Got a lot of rest so Iím A-Okay
My sonís bugging me cuz he wants to play
ďFive more minutes,Ē is what I say
So he pokes on my head to get me out of bed
Wake up, Daddy, no more sleepyhead
Letís play tag team rap instead
Then later you can take me to Uncle Fredís
Okay, letís get cleaned up and fresh
Brush your teeth, quick shower, then dress
In the best thrift shirts, prefer nothing less
Put on your Chuck Taylors so we past the test
Proceed to the kitchen so we can get fed
A little scrambled eggs and some toasted bread
Put your plate in the sink, son, you heard what I said
We on a rap mission like Special Ed

Just another Saturday, yo
Man, itís just a Saturday
Yo, Just another Saturday

Try to wake up Shannan nudging her
She sleeps like a rock, ainít no budging her
We even tried pushing and shoving her
Itís okay, sheís Mom, we still loving her
Now weíre on our way down to Ashtynís room
Figure that sheís probably gonna wake up soon
We peek through the door to catch a quick view
Sheís standing at the foot of the crib holding a shoe
Take her for a ride on the potty train
Clap her hands silly when we play a game
She gets a little giggle when I call her name
Then takes off just as fast as she came
That little itty-bitty bug has got some wheels no doubt
Run around in circles like sheís chasing a mouse
Then tries to climb up on top of the couch
Gobble, gobble, gobble coming out of her mouth
Yeah, Iím real proud of this itty-bitty girl
Sheís the really big part of my itty-bitty world
Her mother does her hair in some itty-bitty curls
You can see my daughter dance with that itty-bitty twirl
Never really know what sheís gonna say next
Likes to draw circles over any stray text
Every day I pray that my Godíll stretch
The path of my fatherhood and call it blessed


Listen, Mommaís awake, what a great concept
Hope she feels good from a great nightís rest
She can watch Ashtyn so we can jet
Donít worry cuz sheís already been changed and fed
She has my heart and she knows this
I married her so we could grow this
Have love for her in big doses
With a smile and a hug, we rub noses
So close this door
Me and my son hit the road once more
Stepping real cool with our Chuck Taylors
Walking down Songbird Drive for sure
? ? to see Fred at his door
Weíre like a rap duo that went on tour
Like to write raps that get down to the core
My seven year oldís been freestyling since four
Already recorded, letís release one more


Everybody knows that I like my dad
Iím not that glad, but Iím really sad
But I know that everybody knows this
Cuz I did everything with him
Noses and roses (noses and roses)
Something else that I donít really know this
But Iím gonna rap all night
Iím gonna do it until I get really tight
Everybody knows that I rock the mic
Everbody knows that I can give the tight
And Iím not the only one who knows this
But I know everybody can ?
And I suck at rapping