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Grits - What Be Goin Down
(from the album Factors of the 7)

What be always goin', what be always goin', what be goin' down.

What - be - Going dizzy down down
Thus living in drug indolence like Lotus eaters from what promoters feed us because they need us
To live up to hype they flown like kites
So I'm talkative, loquatious, lopsided but tenatious
Outlasting tenabrific spirits with a pen and terrific lyrics
Suffice the life of Christ putting natural man on ice
Like Sesame Street Live
children of the Corn I shuck and jive
Rhymes and beats get me ampted therefore I thrive
Don't ever find it strange
On it you got five I got change
levitating like a seance
Computations of what I said once
Harnessing whirlwinds with a saddle
Watchin' girlfriends battle
Move like a snake when I'm mad my tail begins to rattle
grippin' throttles not a 40 once bottle to prove I'm in control
I got the wheel with evil figureheads high on my heels
Squeals pierced my evening due to constant struggles
I got both sides of the story to juggle.


Thoughts of inequality overwhelming capacity of mind sets of those with darker pigmentation
Relations with one another is in desperate need of a closer observation genocidal mentality
Is taking forms musically where monogamy's unheard of
Abuse of drugs and alcohol are used as market plans
love for money more than others sells your records
what, can't you see, see you're a slave to the industry (Master, what kind of song you want this to be?)
Booty shakin' so your daughters can be hoes
Or represent your coast so the others become foes
Talk about your dealings with drugs explain the feelin' of money and power so the killing can continue
Contribute to the problem don't talk about ways to solve
Get your money man at the same time do my job
See the mind set of evil exists in supremacists runnin' this
Now you know what's goin' down now.