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Sivion - So Perfect
(from the album Spring of the Songbird)
© copyright 2006, Hip Hop IS Music

Yeah, you think youíre so special
Youíre so complete now
Nah, listen, I got seven ways to love you
You can find me on a park bench cooling while I spark this
Pulling from the heart, shining art on this darkness
Never can depart this feeling from the farthest
Regions of my being, blast off like a starship
Take over this market, stained on the carpet
Media and radio is locked on the target
Itís like we gave up before we started
Farming out the best of this art from the rest
Of the part time fakers that are beating it to death
With this pop culture mess theyíre claiming to invest
In the best interest of this music, itís a test
That we all fail, too many brothers in jail
Living a lifestyle that wonít even cover the bail
How many times must I hear this tale
I wanna sail on the open sea, search cuz Iím hoping we
Find a better option, so Iím hoping for it openly
Look at what youíre showing me, knowing me
I would rather feed off the music when itís free enough to glow in me
Low and behold, let these fruits unfold
And look back to the seeds that perfect the mold
Yeah, you could have been so special

Youíre so perfect
Youíre so complete now
Yeah, you think youíre so perfect
Youíre so complete now
Yeah you say youíre so perfect
Youíre so complete now

Nah, listen, I got seven ways to love you
You need to think about what you say before you spit your raps out
Fighting with the track like blacks picking their naps out
Living big on someone elseís trash like a fat mouse
Knocking the wrong door like selling brownies at a crack house
At first you got into it for the art, but then you backed out
Tip-toed around it, indecisive like you had doubts
As if not making money made you pass out
Thereís something wrong with this, just let me tell you that now
Thereís more to this than how your paper stacks out
This journey is a free gift if you act now
Take a little love and respect then give it back now
You gotta break loose from the shackles of this cash cow
Turn to the light of His grace, donít be the last out
Just embrace the Son of God, man, thatís how
So many things to talk about with this art now
Like sunshine on the moon when itís dark out
The vastness of outer space because itís far out
Itís like diamonds in the sky when the stars out
Like a healthy rain forest in the far south
We can save this rap music if we start now
Get approved, get the keys, drive the car out
Now that youíre in the driverís seat, look around you
The blue sky and the trees that surround you
Let the cool summer breeze blow about you
And let the wonders of this life flow throughout you
To put you in your proper place like a noun do
Yeah itís been a long search, glad I found you
Yeah you could have been so special