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TRUTH, da - Scent
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
We worship a God who’s personally involved/
We’re personally in all, superfluously we talk about Him/
Working His perfect purpose in me and all my boys/
Worship he of whom the earth and sea revolves, oh/
We’re so enamored-His goodness has got us ramming/
His bushes has got his ram in them/
He’s checking our motives, pushes us to examine them/
Sin had us locked doing push ups in the slammer and man I’m not stammering/
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for standing in the gap/
Handling the sin dilemma that man is in/
Man is spiritually poor like pan handling/
But could become rich through Christ the slain lamb for sin/
Check yo! God’s people are situated the Father’s propitiated/
Since Jesus initiated and choose us to be wonderful sons now we anticipate Him/
Like waiting for the summer to come, let’s get it

God’s people get it, get it/
Stand up get it, get it/
Hands up get it, get it/
Man up get it, get it/
God’s people all over the building, just get it, get it/
Overcomers get it, get it/
Conquerors get it, get it/
If you’ve been freed from sin then get it, get it/
If you know you’ve been sent then get it, get it/
If you’re carrying the scent then get it, get it/
God’s people get it, get it/
Everybody, get it, get it

Verse 2:
Jesus baby, oh/
Preeminent died on the cross for people that got sin in them/
Jesus and God are the same like synonyms/
He saves people from sin and then He’s sending them out/
First on the block we’re suppose to go local/
Then to the uttermost part we’re suppose to go global/
When it comes to Jesus baby we’re promotional moguls/
Promoting the gift that’s free like sprints mobile to mobile oh/
We ain’t ashamed our preaching is not in vein/
Though I know that it would be if somebody found His remains/
But they never will that’s impossible/
Like trying to heat things up with a popsicle/
We follow the model of Apostle Paul/
Praying that heathens would heed to the prophets call/
‘Cause we’re saying be reconciled come make amends/
To fornicators, adulterers, chiefs’ thieves, pedophiles/
Knees better bow, we were slaves to our sin/
‘Til God sent us the truth and He let us out/
We’re no longer under the bondage of sin no longer under the power of sin/
We ain’t slaves no more ‘cause we got new power within/
We don’t feel the need to follow the trend since He exchanged and bore/
Our guilt we ain’t waging war/
Come and be a new creation born from above


Ride with me/
Put your hands to the sky with me/
Everybody come alive with me/
Fix your eyes on God with me/