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JayMay - Christ Life
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Life is a mystery but the keys the B-I-B-L-E
cause we all got to die eventually but where you wanna be
burning in infirmary or with the G-O-D
singing praises all in harmony with angels live in peace.
That's the reason why I seek, and the reason I believe
Jesus Christ came to forgive so I'm begging on my knees
All my sins and inequities finally are released
He received them for mankind when he died on Calvary
How can you sit there and just be stuck in bondage when ya free
I know sinning feel good, rebuke the devil and he'll flee(1)
He will leave from next to you Jesus Christ
Is the truth, and the way and the life(2)
I'm trying to push this to the youth
We got to do his holy deeds with faith as small as mustard seeds(3)
Watch it grow by hearing words from the B-I-B-L-E
that's from Christ, God inspired information of the life
We must proceed to follow down the narrow path of Christ Life

Chorus (2x)
I'm living Christ Life, and I don't care who know
I'm living Christ Life, and not ashamed to show
I'm living Christ Life, being filled with the spirit
Living Christ Life, now everybody need to hear it
Living Christ Life, Christ Life, Christ Life
Living Christ Life, Christ Life, Christ Life

Verse 2
The opposition is satan and his holy demonic spirits waiting
For the right position to attack you like a lion raging(4)
War on the front line of your cerebellum
Weak minds the devil eat and toss the rind like watermelon
Caressing your thoughts by lusting images in your eye
And since your flesh wanna sin you might give it a try
thatís lust conceived which bring forth sin and
Sin when it is finished bring death the devil win(5)
To my men and women this is real and this is life
We gotta pray every night(6) cause satan wants you to die
Why is Christ not popularized anything involving
God remove it from publicís eye
From the prayers on a TV show, the 10 commandments
Taken out of school, devil got them all confused
And they looking like fools
Its time for Christians to rule donít be ashamed of Jesus
Cause we a rising like volcano lava bout to blow up!!


Verse 3
When are people gonna step up he forgave you(7) for your mess ups
In return you ought to rep up, keep pushing and never let up
His nameís always forever, his name is always better
Confine in his grace and his name will be yo pleasure
Whatever you do you got to speak and follow his rules
Donít abuse his holy work and try to make up a truth
Out of lies cause that is satan talking and he despise
Anything that involve Christ he wants yo demise
If he get wandering eyes just a few individuals
To go to hell with him the most brutal multi-criminal
Trapped in his subliminal messages he places on the earth
Like its okay to use ouiji boards and not go to church(8)
Astrology stars plus psychic hot lines
Sex shops, drug spots, Christians taking yall time
With all intentions to accomplish Godís missions
Taking scriptures into the kitchen showing people the vision
Who are eager to listen spitting Bible verses thatís getting
That void filled that was missing now you truly start living
Christ life, Christ Life, Christ Life, Christ LifeÖyeah yeah