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JayMay - Think About it
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Eternal life was giving free when Jesus died on a tree
When his blood shed red for all our sins on Calvary
So whoever calls his name[1] and repent from they ways
And come and get to love Jesus him will truly be saved
Iím amazed that he did all these things for me
But Iím out hustling in the streets if you donít work you donít eat
But you reap what you sow[2] so please bro get to know
The love of the savior sow his words to people you know
But I gottaÖ..oh thatís the problem lose yo life[3]
Give it all to Christ his word says youíll gain it back twice
But this life be taking toll people now are so cold
So many problems on my back feel like Iím losing control
Getting caught up into sin death be reaching my kin
Now Iím relying on this gin canít trust none of my friends
But Jesus wanna make amends let him into your soul
Soften your heart a minute cause He love you more than you know

Itís yo soul so think about it, think about it, think about it 2x

Verse 2
How can I live a right life when the world is walking left?
Jesus Christ guide yo steps but you gotta ask for help
But itís hard I canít see and I canít feel his hand
I donít know when he is with me bro I just donít understand
Check it out first of all man you got to believe
That he died for your sins and youíll be set free
Ask him to forgive all of your iniquities
Be born again in the spirit that is how you receive
Life is hard in its self doe, I need dough
Just to get anything to make it in life bro
Seek first though the Kingdom of God
And all things [4] will be given to ya, cuz it ainít that hard
Trust Him stop lusting rebuke them evil spirits
In Jesus name they flee think about it for a minute
But it really seem senseless when I die Iím gonna die
Heaven or Hell what do you want
I donít know, Iíll tell ya why


Verse 3
In hell its lots of torments and gnashing out teeth
Eternally separated from the great G-O-D
Remember bro this just a season while we walking on earth
Seventy years more or less yo bodyís back in the dirt
Now yo spirit need a resting placeÖ.spirit
Yeah ya spirit God made us in his image John 4:24 says he spirit[5]
Now what you gonna do if you donít choose Christ
Yo after life will be a lake of fire pain all night
Brimstone, molten rock, no ice to quench the heat
No prayers he canít hear ya, everyday just repeat
Do you really want thisÖÖnawÖ..then repent
Say it with me, Jesus Christ I admit I have sinned
Iím a sinner but I want to be a winner through you
Forgive me for my debts as I forgive others too[6]
Now I trust you for my life take it back in yo hands
Thank you for the blood now I am born again