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JayMay - All About Him
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Itís all about him the life that we living my friend
Itís all about being filled by the spirit with in
Itís all being led when you follow the truth
with a change in your mind by the spiritual fruits
itís all about love, peace, joy, kind, and meek
long suffering have a faith talk when you speak
the goodness, self control God wants to install
and against such fruits man there is no law[1]

Verse 1
Itís all about him Jesus yeah thatís right
The one who bleed on the cross stretched his arms and died
He had one focus and one goal in mind
It was to become a sacrifice for mankind
And now the b-l-o-o-d
It was shed just for you and just for me
Since we bought by the blood, time to walk by the blood
Get them fruits in yo spirit first one you need is love
Thatís what God is[2] if you put Him in a nutshell
He love you so much look at the world can you tell
All the trees and the flowers summer breeze rain showers
He wants us to enjoy this life on earth cause its ours
He is our strong tower so rebuke the devour
And rise to the occasion my friend this very hour
And the spirit of fear is not yours you not a coward
But the spirit of love a sound mind and all power[3]


Verse 2
Its all about trusting Christ with yo heart and soul
Letting his spirit in yo life so it can shape and mold
Switch roles this world ainít got nothing you know
Itís a perverse generation that is steady dying slow
Satan throw low blows, uppercuts, and choke holds
But we stand bold in our faith to face foes
Being more than a mere hearer of Godís word
But doers[4] letting all know that itís Christ we serve
He prefers true worship with yo heart not your lips[5]
And a cheerful spirit when you got it just give[6]
Donít let yo left hand see what yo right gonna do[7]
Cause the more you give the more He give back to you
Pressed down shook together running over yo cup[8]
Thatís the way God gives always more than enough
Jesus we will scream yo name out before men
Letting everybody know that its all about Him