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JayMay - Double Edge Sword
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Godís word is a two edge sword dividing thoughts asunder
We wonder with in ourselves but in ourselves we often plunder
So what does this God do who loves us more than any other
Sent his son to die for us now sin and death is smothered
Broke the generation curse of the sins we bore at birth
Dispersed mercy and grace now we saved with out works
But works are evidence of salvation and his worth
Do you love him more than anything you got on this earth?
My soul thirst for you Lord steady asking for guidance
When I pray to ya sometimes it seem like you hiding
But my needs are always met so I know you providing
And your word Iím mediating on to keep from backsliding
With the breast plate of righteousness and shield of faith
So when the wicked throw they darts Iím knocking them all away
Gospel of peace on my feet helmet of salvation
And the sword of the spirit pray with all supplication[1]

Itís a double edge swordÖÖ.piercing hearts and minds
A double edge swordÖÖgiving sight to the blind
A double edge sword Ö.Stood the test of time, one word from God can change yo life

Verse 2
Godís word is the best thing that happened to me
It put the focus in my life and cut them chains Iím free
Gave me a identity thatís righteously
Call me an heir to the kingdom, just like J.C[2]
We royalty and holy yeah thatís we
Peculiar people called out[3] thatís right baby
Taking the kingdom to another level that is the goal
Using hip hop with Godís word that is the mode
Give it to themÖ.whyÖ.cause Jesus died for these folks
And until he return we got to let them know
If you believe in yo heart that he rose from the grave
After he died on the cross then you will be saved[4]
Jesus says all you got to do is call on his name
Have faith in him thatís the ticket Christ is the way
If you love Him keep his commandments[5] then okay
Godís word the double edge sword homey donít play