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JayMay - Who I Represent
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Spark the microphone like a live wire
Represent the true and living God He is the messiah
So before you expire you can learn Him if you try ta
Open yo mind and stretch yo thoughts a little higher
I represent the same God who from heaven shot down fire[1]
Give you the desires of your heart but only prior
To you putting yo delight in Him [2] walkin by faith
A spiritual rhythm sing about His mercy and grace
Acknowledge Him in all of my ways[3] giving Him thanks
Why because He dwells in the presence of praise[4]
So guess what then Jay gonna say,
holy holy is the lamb wonderful counselor He is great
yaíll know one of the things that He did
died on the cross three days later rose up like stilts
now the blood that He spilled cover believers like quilts
justified a known sinner now Iím righteously built[5]
standin firm on the word with no guilt
maturing daily in the faith so I no longer need milk[6]
if youíre a baby get the basic on about being saved
Romans 10 verse 9[7] read about what it says
it will change yo whole life thatís what Christ is about
makin new creatures[8] turning old ones inside out
I represent the one and only God embodied in 3
The third person of the trinity lives in me
I represent the one who changed water into some wine[9]
I represent the one who healed the sick gave sight to the blind[10]
I represent the one with fish and bread fed multitudes[11]
I represent the one who came to earth to walk in mans shoes[12]
I represent Him who can do anything if He choose
And if you open up yo heart to Him He wonít refuse
For the remaining of my days Iím a stay in His grips
Jesus Christ the Messiah who I represent!!!!