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JayMay - Give it to Them
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Iím armed with heavy ammunition for spiritual oppositions
Wicked demons in high places[1] tryin to put me in commission
By commencing the evil mission, tryin ta take a Christian
With intentions to keep me going till Iím back sliddin
My positions knees down head bent in submission
Praying giving petitions for my people steady slipping
Getting caught in the grips of this world thatís only driven
By lust greed pride, selfish vision and worldly living
My ambition is to drop the word like hammers thatís splitting
Rocks start to ripping[2] when the word is preached hearts in submission
Like munitions the word explode on contact when itís given
And if given the opportunity breaks you from prison
Christ has risen overcame this worldly system we live in[3]
And if you truly want salvation all your sins are forgiven
Stop the tripping seek the answers for the questions thatís missing
He got wisdom but you must ask for it[4] He always listen

Give it to them, the word with no compromise
Give it to them, let the light open up they eyes
Give it to them, Christ got the cost paid
Give it to them, God desires all people be saved[5]
Give it to them, will you receive this gift
Give it to them, In Godís army will you enlist
Give it to them, someday soon now
In Jesus name every knee shall bow[6]

Verse 2
Iím serving word like a waiter but Christ is the navigator
Iím the vessel He the sailor, He say move Iím going there
In prayer where we communicate I get in His presence
Donít need no Herbal essence or liquor to spark up a session
Just confessing give me your will Lord use me Iím begging
The needy hearers of your word guide them to me Iím letting
My light shine like a high beam illuminate the scene
Like a city thatís scene on a hill[7], no what I mean
It seems that life streams always get you a sting
Soon as you go to chase a dream a obstacle jump and bring
More heart ache and pain, more stresses and strains
You got the weight of the world on yo shoulders again
But my friend yo lose ends should be patched and stitched
Call the good doctor He will give you a fix
Heís equipped to do this, no buts, ands, or ifs
Yo script He will flip if you repent and submit


Verse 3
Through lyrical sessions Iím injecting Christ blessings
In every single message Iím stressing on why you need to check it
Perfection what Heís expecting[8] but it first take accepting
Pick up yo cross without a question follow any direction
That He get you stepping without no fear no doubting no guessing
Using yo bibles as weapons, till the day of redemption
Its coming soon too so what you best do is get in tuned to
This spiritual battle cause satan wanna consume you[9]
But his dooms due already been told through
The book of Matthew till the end of Revelation to
Godís patient dude and Heís waiting on you
Jesus is the Christ faithful and true[10]
The good news of Godís views Iím a spread like the flu
Putting righteousness in hip hop is what I pursue
Walking my shoes on a narrow road free from the noose
Cause sin grips like a choke hold but Christ cut me loose