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JayMay - I'll Go
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Wherever you send me I'll be there Holy Ghost in me and prepared
Ready to speak got a word for my peeps stay humble and meek but by no means weak
The gospel gotta get to the streets cause all the violence it stinks
The glorifying of money and guns has left a bad stench On our nostrils
we street disciples about to show those the way God flows
And what He knows how he wants you to go
His eyes move to and fro looking for someone to show
Himself strong to(1) what He say He will do
But you gotta have faith if you want Him to move(2)
Can't be lead by the flesh cause the flesh is a mess
And it don't please God(3) so don't worry or stress
I suggest that you cast all yo cares on His chest
And be lead by the spirit wherever He directs ya

Send me Lord Yes I'll be l'll Go (4)
A voice for you out in these streets I'll Go
Show people how a Christian lives I'll Go
Give a tenth back of what you give I'll Go
Make sure I represent your Son I'll Go
Not my will but let yours be done I'll Go
Right here, over there I'll Go, I'll Go aw yeah!!

Verse 2
The first time you called me I didn't understand
Didn't know that I'll be apart of your plan
Mercy and grace exercised by my faith
All it took was a confession you a prayer away
Admitted all my sins asked forgiveness of them(5)
You touched my heart and showed me life more abundantly(6) then
Said don't be ashamed proclaim My name
Boast Me before men and I will do the same
To My Heavenly Father and the angels in His courts(7)
I said yes Lord I will heed your voice
There is no better choice now sing and rejoice
And Satan I知 about to Jet-son like Elroy I知 God痴 boy
I don稚 serve the world and sin no mo
He sent a Son to die for me(8) and I知 a rep Him fo sho'
So when the spirit tell me go speak a word to that bro
When he receive it watch the angels in heaven scream out Hooo!!(9)


Verse 3
I値l go where you say so I値l Go
To the hood and the ghettos I値l Go
The prairie and the meadows I値l Go
With a beat or acappella I値l Go
One on One or a big crowd I値l Go
Say it soft or get loud I値l Go
Old people or a young child I値l Go
Where you lead I will go now I値l Go


I'll go, aw yeah