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JayMay - Can you praise Him
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

All Gods people from the south to north
Throw yo hands in the air wave them back and forth
From the west to the east stand on your feet
Come on and praise Him with a dance come on and praise Him with me
Can you praise Him "gon and stand" come on and praise Him with me
Can you praise Him "clap yo hands" come on and praise Him with me
Can you praise Him "do yo dance" come on and praise Him with me
Let all the people praise thee, let all the people praise thee(1)

Verse 1
I get my praise on catch yo boy straight in the zone
with my hands up and don't need a gun to my dome
where yo heart is there yo home got my heart at his throne
and with Christ I do belong so I'm never alone
we get it on daily scripture mediations at morn
through out the day I'm speaking to Him keeping praise on my tongue(2)
Ain't nothing wrong with getting loud, sing to Him a new song(3)
And He inhabits in our praise(4) from the dusk to the dawn
I lift Him high like airplanes or space shuttles that fly
JayMay all day praising God through the night
Watch your situation change it will go up in flames
It's only temporary(5) brother keep on praising His name!


Verse 2
When the praises go up that mean the blessings come down
When the blessings come down yo problems turning around
180 degrees turn yo frown to a smile
And all you can say is God I know you now
Cause he deliver more than UPS or federal express
Express his work best through a biblical text
Expect all of his blessing when you pray accept
That it is done by faith you will overcome yet!
Speak to you mountain tell it be removed and jump in the sea[6]
And when you do it you will see how easy that it can be
Speak life not death[7], the power is in yo breath
If you live in righteousness you will prosper every step[8]
I rep Christ because he brought me out of the dark
And I will praise thee O Lord with all of my heart[9]
And everything that is with in my body parts[10]
A living sacrifice for you[11] receive it right from the start

Verse 3
Gods word is all that got me grounded like four flats
I知 staying intact house built on the rock[12] jack
The blessings on the head of the righteously built[13]
I知 a new creature now cause the flesh has been killed
Murdered in the third degree, buck shots hit the flesh of me
Holy bullets penetrating left a tragic casualty
Now I知 naturally walking with Christ daily happily
Moving with the spirit holy ghost living inside of me[14]
That痴 the way that God wanted it to be actually
But because of Adam, Eve, and satan sin
That痴 the way that God wanted it to be actually
But because of Adam, Evened gets passed in thee
Generations of humans but God wanted a union
So His son came atonement for all sin[15] and this doing
Put us back into fellowship so God I知 always cherishing
Your relationship with me I知 flying high as eagles get
I知 a just sing praising up to yo name
With my hands raised up and my life laid