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JayMay - God's Righteous Cause
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
I love Holy Hip Hop cause thatís what I do
I thank God for this gift itís a ministry tool
And to the ends of the earth it can be also be used
For the stretching of the gospel as long as Iím true
To the righteous cause Godís got work to be done
And he counting on us all all of His daughters and sons
So no matter what you done keep a hold to your faith
donít stop pressing keep on running in the eternal race
the devil gonna know my name cause Iím so close to my God[1]
and when his demons come with schemes theyíll say leave him alone
cause that boy is very strong and he down with the cause
now God has built a hedge around him[2] four strong walls
donít give the devil jackÖno credit at all
donít play with the world then blame it for falling off
judge you and only you[3] then seek God for your help
I promise you if you return Heíll back you up in a sec

Now are you all down with Godís righteous cause[4]
Are you really down with Godís righteous cause
If you know you in the light and out of darkness been called
Then you should be down with Godís righteous cause

Verse 2
He look for true worshippers ones who truly believe
That His word speaks life[5] and you can receive
Anything that you ask[6] He supply your needs[7]
And itís not a hard task cause He got everything
From the mountains, to the skies, to the deep blue seas
If you are faithful and obedient then you will eat
Off the good of the land[8] to Him itís just a breeze
Cause he came to give life and life abundantly[9]
From your worship to your praise and your spiritual walk
From your talk your actions just the way that you are
He exalts the humble and resisith the proud[10]
Give Him glory always and speak upon His behalf
So when the world see you shining you can tell them its God
Who blesses you with everything and want to bless everyone
All praise, all glory, goes to the one and only
King of Kings and Lord of Lords[11] the bible is His love story


Verse 3
Blessed are those who thirst after righteousness
for they will be filled up and be blessed[12]
a lot of people can attest cause our God canít lie
He wanna bless you right now not on the sweet by and by
Prosperity and wealth God wants us to have
He canít give until you give 10 percent what you have
So give and be glad for the righteous cause
Thereís a reason in this life that God got you called
You gotta seek His face for answers into your prayers
Patience is what it takes he wanna know how you care
Are you after Godís heart like David the King[13]
Or are your motives just for self filthy lucre and greed
Thereís a verse that Jesus quoted in the bible that read
If you seek first the Kingdom then all of the things
Will be given to you [14] no pressure problem at all
But you really have to thirst for the righteous cause