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JayMay - Do You Believe
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Do you believe in his power and his mercy and might
Would you believe Godís sacrifice was Jesus Christ(1)
To the world he paid the price when he suffered and died
And rose on the third day to sit on Godís right side(2)
So now I or rather we should be proud of the fact
That we got an intercessor(3) who is watching our back
So let your hand clap and praise him cause you know he all that
A lot of people try to play him like he canít see that
Many going through the motion Christian lifestyle folks
Ainít being true to God's word and taking them for a joke
Over your eyes placing cloaks and clouds of smoke
Wolves dressed in sheep coats(4) all about the dough
Don't play with God's emotions cause you know he can tell
If you fake or if you real you'll be going to hell
On judgment day when you say what you did in Christ name
Heíll reply I never knew you man oh what a shame(5)

I want to know, All I want to know is why can't you believe
I need to know, So little for the price he paid for you and me
I want to know, All I want to know is why can't you believe me

Would you believe if you seen a miracle first hand
Or would it take living water rising out of the sand
Maybe not you need proof evidence and facts
And adulterous generation seeks a sign(6) cause they lack
What it take which is faith what Jesus preached
Out the abundance of the heart then the mouth will speak(7)
It's a must that we reach our peeps and take the gospel to the streets
Teach youth Ďbout the Christ we seek
Rather told through a beat or a face to face
Just know that God Love's you and shows grace
A new mercy everyday(8) even if you don't pray
Even if you backslide His love shine everyday
In every way Heís trying to call you so hear His voice(9)
Just repent and be born again its still yo choice
Receive His joy believe this boy he will employ
A whole new spirit for you to enjoy