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JayMay - God get the Glory
(from the album Double Edge Sword)
© copyright 2005, Double Edge Sword Records

Verse 1
Donít think itís strange if you see some Christian dancing in praise
Or at the alter body laid tears of joy on our face
If you understand the place that Christ delivered us from
When I was dumb broke down living life as it come
Being tossed and driven one phase to the next
Thinking life was just about cars women, and checks
The devil use what he can to try to keep you possessed
In the realm of your mind living locked in your flesh
But our God is a spirit we must worship in truth[1]
And to all understanding where heís leading us to
The testimony of our Lord I will not be ashamed[2]
I will suffer if I have to in Jesus name
We got to tell these folks this ainít no game
Cause itís spiritual warfare the devil ainít playing
And he want your soul locked in hell with him
He already down for the count knock out ten

Jump, bounce, scream, shout, God gets the glory so let it all out

Verse 2
If you not giving him glory then what are you giving
HeĎs the reason why Iím living and the reason Iím giving
Took a lose on the cross just because he was willing
For a world that would deny the sacrifice of blood spilling
Separated himself from the Father above
What the Father gave us made us connected
So many people just donít understand Godís perfect plan
The only way to get to heaven is to be born again[3]
God really love us thatís why he want us so close
Filled us with the Holy Ghost, so we could speak to the most
High heavenly being the creator no doubt
And if you donít give him praise then the rocks will cry out[4]
So you know that Iím gon praise him with all amount
Scream and shout jump bounce till delivered out
Hands elevated till his revelation revealed
As for me and my home we going to do his will[5]


Verse 3
Give the Lord a hand of praise stretch yo arms up and raise
Yo palms above your waves or braids close yo eyes and just pray
Meditate upon his word letting nothing usurp
Consume yo nerves and try to blur so itís a must you discern
What you see and what you hear from worldly people thatís near
Serving our God who deal with faith not unbelief or no fear
Jesus Christ paved the way and this life will fade away
When my soul leaves my body and enter to eternity
A heavenly place, running at a steadily pace
Heís the author and the finisher of all of our faith[6]
So always go straight, avoid the pits and learn from mistakes
Itís a marathon and not a sprint the eternal race
So what it will take, is patience, loving, waiting
Saying faith filled words while praying
Speaking reaching those who sinking
Through Christ teaching change they thinking

You ought a not be ashamed of him
You ought a go in his name for him
You ought a dance give him praise
You ought a glorify his name
You ought a tell the world you changed for him