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TRUTH, da - N.F.L.
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Never knew a love like this, never knew a love like this, ohh yes/
Never knew a love like this, never knew a love like this

N-E-W-F-O-U-N-D-L-O-V-E we call this love/
Now, love now, our new found love

Verse 1:
I was looking for someone to love me, hug me/
Trust me like some money with a trustee/
But I looked in all the wrong places to fill the empty spaces/
In my life and I always winded up with long faces/
And all the basis of my relations had worldly foundations/
Plus some sensual sensations/
I tried to find love in females that I could see well/
They would pull me down then spread the news around like E-mail/
So whatís the big fuss it wasnít love it was lust/
And I must confess the devils thrust was inconspicuous/
Plus the love I had was self seeking/
Looking for a house that I could sneak in/
And creep in for the weekend/
Flesh was loving it but my soul was weakened/
Tried to fill the void with sex but that was like candy without the sweetening/
All I knew was I needed someone to love me with/
An agape love a godly love thatís no secret.


Verse 2:
You donít speak English, you speak the language of love/
Plus you blow the minds of angels above/
I just canít explain it you gave your Son just to break up the grudge/
So that you and I can make up and hug/
And so Iím saying He doesnít wear his love loosely/
He loves like Lucy and if you take advantage Heís still the judge like Judy/
He doesnít love you just Ďcause youíre a cutie/
And truly not committed to you simply on the basis of your duty/
If He was then it would be based on what you can do for Him/
But His love is strictly hinged on what He did for sin/
The love Iím talking about is more than a trend/
A perfect love that surpasses your friend/
So whether your fat, skinny or tall, nose big or small/
He loves you just the way you are with your flaws and all/
He sees your needs, meets you wherever you are/
He loves you when your on a rise and even when you fall/
It remains the same it doesnít change like the leaves in fall/
He proved His love on the cross when He stretched His palms/
Jesus baby-His love it erased my guilt/
Jesus baby-His love it covered my filth/
Jesus-I read about it in a book off the shelf/
Jesus-He loved me when I didnít love myself/
Now check the love sequel/
How He loved a bunch of bugged people/
Prepared a place and chose to tailor made his tuxedo/
And marry us over the threshold Heíll carry us/
Fabulous Iím very touched at how He loves us very much/
And I got a brand new found love in my life/
I got a brand new found love in my singÖ