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TRUTH, da - All We Owe
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Move with me now/
If you down with the Most High God, everybody move with me now/

Verse 1:
This is explosive like Mary, like Moses, like Joseph/
Please take notice Christians are focused/
Weíll die for the purpose of Christ at any moment/
We live for the purpose of Christ without moaning baby/
Or complaining planet earth is the course of Satan/
Television and radio do support the cravings/
Of wicked men that pack heat like when the torch is flaming/
And wicked women that strip as a source of entertainment/
We were the same but weíve been changed since Christ/
Came to the crib turned the knob, open the door and came in/
To our hearts things are different now we sit and lounge in the arms of Christ/
The world books him like the Lakers in the Sixers town/
We ainít moved Ďcause Godís going to frisk them down/
Read them their rights all races Puerto Ricans and Whites/
Heís got no favorites well except those who be in His light/
And thatís us soÖ

All we owe, we owe to the king whoís holding all things together/
So we go to extremes to say/
All we owe, we owe to our god, whoís holding a rod/
Our souls would have died but He gave his life, baby/
All we owe, we owe to the truth/
Who dismantled the lies of Satan then showed Him the boot/
Now say, All we owe, we owe to the Son/
Who gave His life so that we could come be free

Verse 2:
We ainít bound by passion we donít flirt with sin/
We ainít bound by Satan we donít flirt with Him
We got Christ, had to desert our friends/
ĎCause the wicked and righteous are like shirts and skins/
(You know it) We play on opposite teams/
So while we rallying around His throne the wicked donít acknowledge the King/
While we follow Christ they follow crowds/
Thatís foolish the world ainít what it appears to be like/
Shallow how shall I bow-indeed not my knees are straight/
I canít stand on my own though I need His grace/
Please make room for the king yíall he needs his space/
He got us in the winepress like seedless grapes now/
If Iím dreaming pinch, ouch, nope Iím wide awake/
Ainít been sleeping since my redeemer benched sin and death/
Now Iím teaming with the people of God staying distinct Ďcause Iím a kingdom kid/
Letís Go.


Verse 3:
Weíve been switched from wicked to righteous/
Since He flicked on the light switch/
ĎCause even our light was dark when we were Christless/
Check out to the price list/
We owe it all to him, lives and money, sonny/
Weíre singing psalms and hymns to each other Hosannaís coming/
Godís people are like acronyms, we stand for something/
From America to the Banana Republic, we go bananas in public/
Presenting light to the dark like a tan in the summer/
You want to know him let me hand you His number/
Itís one eight hundred save me Jesus from the wrath that is coming/
So while the world is partying, dancing and clubbing/
Weíre preaching Christ Ďtil the wicked say ďman thatís redundantĒ/
We donít care we got our eyes on the truth/
Who? Jesus Christ not just the God grandma Heís the God of our youth/
Truth, all the dues inside of my crew agree/
That Jesus Christ is number one like two divided by two.