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Soldier the Brainchyld - My Life
(from the album The Eternal Passion)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1a: Soldier the Brainchyld
Iím the spiritual lyricist, spread my wings and take flight/
Move with insight, speak life with this type of rhymes I recite/
Christ inspired my life, now I write with motivation/
Cultivate my faith through this type of dedication/
While most of yíall dwell in sin and captivation/
Speak my peace to the streets and brothers in incarceration/
I bite my tongue to speak whatís real, and let my mind reach that life/
And put my heart to the art when I preach that sightÖ

Verse 1b: Tech-Omega
To combine the light of Christ while Iím finding my place/
They say times forever moving so my shine wonít wait/
My life is sweet on the beat take the timing to taste/
The habitat that I live in something like a Safari/
Played the Spot low while most puffed on Bob Marley/
Lived a hard life with crime in my face/
But Christ gave my life a sight where I could think twice/
NowÖpeace and wisdom shine bright when Iím on the mic.

To every word that I speak to my joy and my peace/
To every word that I speak to the shots in shots in the streets/
I heard another mother weep asking Christ for Light/
To every word that I speaks well itís all my life/

Verse 2a: Tech-Omega
Most never gave heed unless we was smoking weed/
My Life went fast I asked for a slower speed/
Peeps didnít wanna reach the technique behind the beats/
A strong future where I plant my seeds and my feet/
They say the world isnít my home so Iím searching for heaven/
Few problems in life got my chest on and stressing/
The men of the world never came close to respecting/
So I prefer to show truth and a better way of lifeÖ

Verse 2b: Soldier the Brainchyld
While most of yíall live in the times of mad strife/
I catch sight of my dreams with this type of black mic/
Itís been the fight of my life just to clutch that mic/
Put my fist up to dreams Ďcause we rep the black sight/
See, I preach Christ on the mic with this type of rhyme/
Feel the message move and let it renew your mind/
Let it cleanse your soul and let it fill your heart/
Check the words to the flow, my life and that start.


Verse 3a: Soldier the Brainchyld
I plant my feet on the Word and I move with faith/
Never eclipse the Son ícause Christ covered me in His grace/
Iím holding fast to my dreams, and etch my name in the Book of Life/
Cultivate my mind Ďtil I see the face of Jesus Christ/
I spit eternal life on the mic to take the gospel to the streets/
Travel through the sands of time to touch the mind of the Prince of Peace/
See, I meditate on the Word to preach my life to the globe/
And glue my eyes to the cross when Iím spitting that soulÖ

Verse 3b: Tech Omega
And getting deep in the flow when triggers is itching to go/
I hear shots blasting so Iím dibbing and dabbing/
5-0 wet the scene now we slipping and crashing/
Never paid attention to my vision in rapping/
Never gave heed to the fact Iím a Christian thatís rapping/
And my life got me thinking while Iím sitting and asking/
When will a change in your life take place and actually happen/
'Cause my life did while you was sleeping and napping/