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Grits - US Open
(from the album Factors of the 7)

(Who you is?) Knowdaverbs, the like minded minsral
Di-stribute my rhymes siphon lyrics through my pencil
So hold on, as I strike a pose like Envogue
You can call me origami watch as I unfold
Re-rewind time to when Jerry made curls and Ghetto Blasters with TVs played Candy Girl
And stagin' with the kids all the Michael Jackson Moves
A time of escalation went from Zips to Kangaroos
The Crew tripped like land mines when YO! first premiered
though things looked grim and paper thin through the years
i folled the leader, the maker creator
The Spirit's getting warmer than it is in Grenada
Me and the boys got ill with the clippers
Fiendin' for the parachute pants with thirty zippers
Factors of the Seven
Christ never gets slept
Rhyme a hole in the speaker, pull the plug then we jet.

Step through the door
Headed for the floor
The records he was mixin' had me wantin' some more
So I grabbed the microphone and I started to rhyme
As this DJ ran it down the line.

Bonafied original MC
Rappin' 'bout the DJ whose down with me
On the fadder he's greater and he's my man, as he's flippin' up the wax with the steadiest hand
While the other DJ's just stand and watch
While all the fly girls clock and jock
He's the beat creator, human record playa', style originator, scratch innovator and he's not an imitator and to let you know, transforming so def as he rocks the show
For the Factors, the debonaire microphonists with the Masters Degrees on the M-I-C
Jump on it
Jump on it
Jump on it on and on it


Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of aguwa
Jill saw it commin' and jumped in the well while Jack got bit by a Chihuahua
Now Jack was screamin' like a little gorl in complete and utter pain
He should have watched his back before he got attacked and joined Jill in the gutter main
In a way I blame Jill for not warning Jack
What was she Thinkin'?
Just like a girl to save her own neck
And I think that's stinkin'
The moral of the story is simple and plain you can read it like a book
When you choose your partner make sure she's got your back, or your goose is cooked.