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TRUTH, da - Truth
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
Believe it or not yíall thereís blessedness in brokenness/
Sometimes I feel like Jacob baby with a broken hip/
And a changed name I donít mind writing with a broken wrist/
Long as Iím broken He can use me to promote the gift/
Free of charge extended to all who put their faith in Christ/
The kind of faith that placed Abrahamís name in lights/
And gave his descendants Joshua and Caleb the right/
The enter the promised land and conquer the Canaanites/
Ainít it right, in life weíre all dealt a deck of cards/
Play them right and eternal life in heaven is yours/
Day and night we sense the need to put our knees to the floor/
Pray to Christ who takes black souls and paints them white/
Ainít it right we worship Christ Jesseí seed and root/
The world takes the expressway we take the scenic route/
Sweet aromas until the world comes to eat the fruit/
And the Bread of life we rep Christ until they say yo heís the Truth/
Letís get itÖ

We gone spit the truth-We gone speak the truth/
We gone give out the truth-We gone live out the truth/
Please know that the truth of God is not a lie/
The truth of God wonít be compromised/
Know itís the truth

Verse 2:
We spit like this Ďcause Christ deserves honor and glory/
Man is proud and haughty/
God is the light men love the night like a pajama party/
Heís the boss Iím an employee/
Working for him loving, living for him until you and Iím in glory/
Until then well be chasing the king, weíve tasted and seen/
God is like that, yea we sweating him like when your getting chased in a dream/
We say were redeemed yo we play on his team/
While Satanís clique rolls with Satanís regime steady chasing the cream/
We tell the world their sinners but they say itís the genes/
(But we donít buy that) keeping our face in his stream/
ĎCause we found that all that all men are sinners since Adam ate from the tree/
Now pump your fist if your eagerly waiting to see him/
And your hiding under his shadow with your face in His wings/
We say light, light, life, life, right, right, Christ, Christ/
These are just a few of our favorite things.


Verse 3:
Weíre under Godís economy with our eyes on the cross thatís a metonymy/
God put me on the track to run the race then passed the baton to me/
So we can roll like troops in boots speaking from rooftops/
Tube socks up to our knees like dudes from D.C./
While dudes do for T.V. what they wonít do for God/
They love the planet and everything in it, thatís scuballa/
We scuba dive for lost souls that are rude to God/
Like uh, pardon me Iím trying to live life here can you scoot to the side/
But we gone hold it down for Jesus weíre gospel activist prone, your back at the throne/
Therefore, weíre not embarrassed to roam the planet with Bibles in hand/
Even from Athens to Rome in the catacombs/
Digging in the dirt and extracting the bones of Christians/
Who endured, decided to stand on the stone/
Weíre standing up strong even when our parents ainít home/
Now picture that leave your cameras at home/
His characters shown through Scripture accurately and itís not a caricature holmes.