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TRUTH, da - Roll Now
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
This is just another vertical jam/
You know we fight for the faith like Roberto Duran/
And catch us moving around as we further advance/
The Kingdom of God hope your heart is fertile to plant/
We pray the Lord of the harvest keep sending us out/
Because we can not afford to just sit in the house/
And sit on the couch playing video games in our rooms/
We follow hard after God until we lay in our tombs/
You know we’re alienated like first century saints/
As soon as they would enter the gates of a new city/
The news would be in the ear gates of many/
Who hated Christians who were committed to defending the faith/
Just look at Pliny the Great/
Plenty of great Christian men and women contending were signed at the stake/
So now we go from city to stand/
Forwarding truth that counters the videos that MTV plays.

We on a roll now baby/
Throwing them bows who’s in control now/
Jesus He came down, baby things ain’t the same now/
Since we’ve been changed blood did it now I’m in it to stay now.

Verse 2:
I know this is odd but I know this is God/
Using Christian Hip-hop and R and B like Moses’ rod/
To deliver a people from evil, exposing the lies/
That millions of rappers tell when they flow in their rhymes/
Envy, hate, murder, lust and pride is what they sow in the lives/
Of millions of listeners listening, hoping that I/
Would paint a prettier picture, blowing smoke in their eyes/
But nah God’s got emotions, can’t hold them inside/
He’s using His people to speak the truth in the midst of a people who/
Are Godless and just barely religious not at all Godly or Christ like/
Lord Jesus just keep shining your bright light/
In and through us you’re the head and we’re your beautiful feet/
There’s a mutual beef between you and seed of Satan himself/
Wicked men they do replace you with wealth/
Wish you would just stay to yourself/
But you’re using us to build a case for yourself.


Verse 3:
How many people have ever seen American Idol/
Of course money, power and sex are America’s idols/
Yo! You can find this in America’s bible/
Yo! America’s dying, America’s idle/
America’s rivals are not merely Osama or other terrorist either/
America’s rival is in the mirror that’s right in front of our hearts/
Front if you want but some of our hearts are dark y’all/
Just as black as the night/
You can tell because we happen to like the stuff that happens at night/
Preferring wrong rather than practicing what’s right/
We don’t want to see videos unless some booty is in it/
And don’t want to see movies unless we know nudity’s in it/
Yo! That’s evidence and proof that we’re sinners/
And need s Savior as sure as a bad tooth needs a dentist/
Yo! Praise God that the booth was invented/
So now globally people can hear when God’s truth is presented/
Yo! Through this medium of music we’re Christians/
Who refused to be whimpish when persecution is mentioned/
Yo! ‘Cause we live if we die for the king/
Hip-hop and the gospel baby that’s a dynamic team.