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MG! the Visionary - Contemplation
© copyright 2005, MG! the Visionary

Im just sitting here / nursing all my fears
So afraid of one more year slipping through my fingers. The tears
Sting as they fall down / but strangely they make no sound
Can you tell me why it feels like they are steadily crushing me to the ground?
Now Im ready to get back up / if you aint wit it Im saying Back up!
I been in it a minute to win it infinite and there aint a limitcan you dig it!!
The problem is I think too much / Talk myself out of things and such
If the mind is a terrible thing to waste why does mine feel like a crutch???!!!

If only I knew how / I would do it now
If youre feeling me make a sound!

Because I never said / What was in my head
So I had to watch her slip away

Life is like the pursuit / of a chick youre digging thats cute.
Witty and intelligent too / cares for herself and loves God too.
On paper it is like the perfect plan / Shes the beautiful queen and youre the man
With 2 jobs, 2 incomes / Big house, 1 lovefeel the rhythm.
Everything Im sayins so true / I could try to front but that aint cool
cause every time she comes into view / I feel like a punk, dont know what to do
Cant find the words, everything is dark, looking for an antidote to fix my heart
But it doesnt work, feeling like a jerk with everything to lose, I never make a move.
So we just stay friends / And talk every now and then
We always joke and laugh and stuff, but deep beneath surface its rough
At least for me because I see so easily what we could be if
I only had more faith / knowing I would win the race.
Now Im stuck in


Life is a funny thing if you / never want to dance or sing its like
would you rather be a slave or king / I bare the blood, I wear the ring and I
Waltz to a different beat / see people trip when they hear me speak
I stays on point, eloquent / my gang affiliations hella evidently
NOT of this interplanetary / Stay oh so fresh and sanitary
Freaks these days , kind of scary / but am I fresh though? Oh so very
I look kind of like my uncle Terry / have integrity like a monestary
The level that Im standing on is very / way out therrrrrI stay out therrrrr
Its funny how things can change / you turn around they stay the same
I been stuck for a little bit, in a little pit, had little fit but got up out of it
Walked around a bit / See, I used to rip but now Im POUNDING it
When I grab the mic and make it levitate from living at to whole nother state of
Consciousness! Im on to this new train of thought called Make-It-Happen
Satisfaction! The good-guy-gets-the-girl type of ish. Ready-set-action!
Yeah, Im on that type of ish. I want the woman but not a mistress.
But dont get it twisted / like I predicted / the woman represents your life