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MG! the Visionary - 50mill
(from the album LifeMusic : Bob's Place Volume 1)
© copyright 2004, MG! the Visionary

There's nothing left to say now
Think it's time for me to go now
Thought I knew it all back then
But I guess that I know now

I think we're almost there now
Does anybody care now?
And what if we could share everything we have?
But neither of us quite know how

But please, don't remember me this way.
But please, don't remember me this way,
When you close the door!

I hate the way we are now
Its a shame weve come so far now
I get chills before it kills me when you turn around and say
I dont know who you are now

Baby, I never thought that wed make it this far
Just to turn around. The sound of your cry is breaking my heart
Im pulling you down with all this weight that I had from the start
Never questioned or doubted you, my sickness is not about you.
Its just the echo of history made
I tried to let it go. My life was whoa! ever since 2nd grade.
Back when my parents departed. I started feeling my life disintegrate
Seeing your mother crying does something that makes you want to hate!
But fighting fire with fire I never learned to do
Shoot from my hip, love with my life, my deepest concern is you.
Actually, forget the restI love you is what I meant to say.
So when you shut this door, please
dont remember me this way!

And please, don't remember me this way (when you shut the door)
And please, don't remember me this way (when you shut the door)
When you shut the door.

50 million ways to say I hate you 50 million ways to block the sun
50 million ways to show how much I don't care
I wish I had never chosen one

50 million ways to say I love you
50 million ways to reflect the son
50 million ways to put a smile on your beautiful face
If only I had chosen one

The ride is almost over now
It's just as well I'll be paying the full amount anyway
There's nothing in your eyes now, anymore
So you would you please just shut the door now, now, now, now!!!